(TMI) Bloody show??

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(TMI) Bloody show??

ok so i am really embarrassed to ask, and I do plan on calling MW,but can you describe what blood show looks like/ looked like? did you have it?

I had sex earlier and had some spotting, but now i think it may be bloody show?

I don't want to panic, or jump to conclusions, not having regular contractions that I know of as of yet.

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Bet you'll be in labor within 24 hours. Hope your bag is packed! Smile ELV!

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well the nurse said not to worry that body is gearing up, and it is my bloody show. unless it gets really bad like a period not to panic.

Go to L&D when contractions get to be 5 min apart, or water breaks, or baby stops moving at all.

She told me to sleep, as much as I can. As far as I know i am not contracting yet, just kind of crampy.

is it weird that I feel guilty for having sex/ and orgasm?

Omg, my emotions are all over the place.

I will keep you all updated as much as I can. Since I didn't sign up for birth buddy.

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i will be stalking the boards now until i hear an update! im so excited for you!!! GOOD LUCK! Yahoo

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Yay! Good luck

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There are between two and three shows-- my first show, I had the day before I had Alex and it was brown tinged and mixed in a with a huge (TMI, sorry) chunk of mucus plug. The second show, you will get right before hitting active labor and I got that one when my forebag of waters broke, and it was bright pink mixed in with the fluid so it tinged my undies. The third is the one most women don't see but whoever is delivering you does and that's right before the baby is born, if I'm not mistaken. Smile

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oh congrats!!!! I hope this is it for you, and no you shouldn't feel guilty! it's gonna be a bit before you can dtd again, good for you to squeeze one in there! Wink {{{{{{ELV'S}}}}} to you!

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Yea! Good Luck! You dont need to feel guilty but I understand; was feeling that way myself last night then I thought about the fact that it could possibly be the last time we had the ability to do it guilt free w/o him here & that it could possibly get things going to get him here lol.

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lmbo ... havent been on in awhile so just saw my ticker for the first time in forever ... geez he looks like a chunky monkey!

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