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Toddlers (OT)

Sorry if this gets long but I need some thoughts/help with DD1. She's 27 months and about 1 month ago she stopped napping routinely (DD2 is 5 weeks old). We do the same nap routine as always and I leave the room. She plays happily in her room for 1.5-2 hours but doesn't nap anymore (she always played for 45min-1 hr before napping). I really wouldn't have an issue with this but her behavior in the afternoons shows me that she still needs to nap. I've been putting her to bed between 530-6pm because she is just so out of control and she sleeps until 8am or later.

I've tried moving naptime to later in the afternoon and tried keeping her up later at night. Removing toys doesn't help because she's happy sitting on her bed playing with her few stuffed animals she has to sleep with.

I'm also not sure how to punish for her behavior that occurs from lack if sleep. She tends to hit and throw things only when she's tired. I used to be able to ignore/redirect because it was infrequent and I knew why. But now it's becoming an everyday routine and I spend all afternoon telling her no and punishing and I don't like it.:( On the few days she has napped lately we had none-minimal behavior issues.

Is this just a phase? Could it be due to DD2 being born? Or is she just being a 2 year old? Sorry this is long but I'm hoping for some suggestions that can help us break this cycle.

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How did it work when you did naptime later and therefore bedtime later?

With my dd1 we don't let her sleep past a certain time in the morning bc its harder to get her down for a nap. Have you tried waking her up at 7 each morning so she is more likely to be tired come noon/1pm?

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Have you tried laying down with her? I sometimes bring Lio in the bouncer into DD's room while I lay down with her until she falls asleep (or if he's sleeping, I'll leave him wherever he is).