Tomorrow is my last day!

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Tomorrow is my last day!

Tomorrow is my last day of work for awhile. :yahoo::yahoo:I am SOOOO excited. My c-section isn't till Tuesday of next week but I'm taking a few days to hang out with my boy and get some final things done. I was only able to take a total of 8 weeks with DS but thanks to DH's BIG raise, I'm taking my full 12 weeks of FMLA this time! I won't be going back to work till mid Nov!!

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WHOO HOO!! Enjoy it!

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Yay! That's wonderful! Enjoy the break.

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SWEET!!! I hope you enjoy the time off Smile

I actually am going back to work on Monday from the summer break. I wouldn't normally go in, but bc it's a new school for me I want to make sure all my stuff is straight and meet the people I will be working with. My c-sec is scheduled on the first day of school so I def. won't meet the kids before I head back Nov. 1st lol

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NICE! I hope you enjoy every minute of it! Wink Its weird being off work, but spending the time getting to know my little man is very fun!