TOOO much goin on.

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TOOO much goin on.

So DH grandfather passed away on Monday (somewhat expected as he was 83 with COPD), a day after we went to see him. So it was good we saw him. Weird thing was the last thing he ate was my chocolate cake. So I guess I will always think of him when we make it. Work was nice letting me off today and Friday for the funeral and wake. But its been so chaotic with work training the temp for my leave I can't imagine the mess I'm going to come back to. Yesterday I had a doctor appointment I was 20 minutes late for because people kept coming up to me with "emergency's" and I finally had to say... LOOK I am late for my doctor appointment and I need to go! GEEEZE. I would have left right away but I was going to be gone for the next two days. It just makes me nervous for when I'm on maternity leave. My temp is nice enough but she smokes and when she comes in I want to gag! (sorry to all those who have that vice, mine is ice cream, so Im not much better) Honestly it distracts me while Im trying to show her the ropes! I guess that's neither here nor there. To make the best of the time we have left before Baby Ben arrives my husband is going to take me and DS to a cabin in Green Lake WI this weekend and Im thrilled, but allot to do right after attending a funeral out of town. So I hope Im rested by the time we get back so I don't snap at work and want to run away! Smile I hope to take nice pictures while we are gone to post one on the (names w/ faces post).

* oh and doc appointment went great! Ben's heart rate at 138, BP was a little high at 118/70's? I was late so I attribute it to that, Weight is still at +8, no proteins in urine. Love that my doc office didn't have a fit I was late. Next apt. June 29th. Its getting sooo close everyone!

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Yikes! That is a lot of stuff going on! Sorry to hear about your hubs' grandfather Sad Its always sad to lose family. The trip to WI sounds great...its always nice to get away. I'm seriously jonsing for some chocolate cake now that you mentioned it...that might have to be on the to-do list for tonight Smile

its nice that your doctors office was good with you being late...some offices totally freak out if you aren't on time.

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that doesn't seem like a high BP? Mine is usually 122/70 and they always say it's great... sorry about DH's GPa. Enjoy your little vaca. this weekend! Smile

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I am sorry for your loss and I hope you have a nice, relaxing trip.

BTW, I totally agree about the smell of smoke and I did it for 17 years.

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I am glad everything went well at your appt.

I am sorry to hear about DH's gpa.

You do sound very busy. Make sure you don't over do it but enjoy your vacation Smile

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I'm sorry to hear about your loss Sad :bighug:

I hope you get some down time this weekend while you are away.

Remember one thing for work - they will figure it out. It may take a bit for things to run smoothly but your temp and coworkers will figure things out and things will be ok while you are gone. Worst case scenario, they arent, and then when you get back everyone will appreciate what you do all that much more!!! Try not to stress too much about it.

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i'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I think a trip away will do you some good. Relax, take time to breath before Baby Ben arrives.

I used t be a smoker I quit four years ago. The smell makes me so sick and being pregnant, it's ten times worse. My boss and several co-worker would come in after their breaks reaking of soke and then they would stand close to ask me a question or see how I did something and it took all the strength I had not to barf. So I feel your pain. I used to keep either pepermint or lemon essential oils on me to sniff after they were around. Helped the gag reflex, lol.

Glad your doctor's appointment went well!

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Ugh, there are people at my work who stink to high heaven after their smoke breaks. Makes me sick! I so feel you on that.

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa. I think that will be a nice memory for you though of the cake.

And on the work front, I'm kind of dealing with the same thing. I do what I can while I'm still there and once I'm on maternity leave, I'm on maternity leave and don't worry about it.