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Can i say OUCH!!!

Little Eve is number 3 and my first to ever get teeth while i was still nursing. OMG! she forgets and clamps down and turns her head. ok....she's only got one tooth on teh bottom, but still.
so i tell her OUCH and disconnect her and then ask her if she'd like to eat nicely. sigh....and then it works. but my expressions i'm sure are priceless.

DH saw and was you gonna keep nursing? errrgggg yes of course i am....we'll figure it out.....i hope!

Just needed to vent and complain a bit. Biggrin HUGS!!

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OUCH! NO fun... ! Im sure you can remind little Eve about this when she's 16! Smile Ben forgets that my boob is attached to me! He was clamping down toothless for awhile but he's been pretty good for awhile . A momma's love!

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Ouch! I call LO "piranha man". Mine have all had teeth while nursing, but he got his first early (5.5m) and he uses them. If he's very hungry he'll bite to latch (ow!) and often when he's done I'll find a row of 4 little dents above the nipple. And now he's working on molars. uh oh.

This sounds terrible, given that we've just "met" but the advice my mom gave me (she nursed 4 kids) was to use your fingers to flick the baby right next to the mouth when it bites along with telling it no. I said I'd never do it, but when DS1 bit I tried. It worked for the first two. This one... no luck.

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I'm not looking forward to teeth. Natalie has been good the last few weeks, but she loves clamping on with her gums. When I jump, she just laughs! :rolleyes: Anyway, I'm scared for teeth. My first bit down once or twice total, I yelled and she cried then didn't do it again.

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Yeah we are still waiting on teeth here too, but Alex still finds other ways to make sure my boobies don't get too comfortable, usually with pinching and scratching but sometimes with his gums too. I just pull him away and ask him not to hurt mommy which works with varying success so we shall see what happens when the teeth come in. (He seemed to be teething quite badly tonight so maybe they will make an appearance soon!)

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Well after those first couple of painful times its gotten better. and now she's gotten the 2nd bottom one. so its been interesting but not impossible.