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If you're reading this, please send prayers and good thoughts to us in OK. Tornadoes all over the OKC metro area heading right for us.

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I got on here thinking of you- it's headed our way too! Praying for you and everyone else in the path(s). It's very, very bad!

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Oh no!!
T&Ps for you both and everyone else in that area. PLEASE update us when you can. I know it can get crazy but let us know how you are.


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It passed over us. We had to take cover for about 20 min. We are currently w/o power. I'm updating from my phone. Sending prayers your way Beth!

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I hope everyone in their paths stays safe. We don't need anymore tornado heartache this week.

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We missed the worst of it, thank Goodness. It looks like it calmed down a little after it moved over OKC. There are some fatalities and injuries though Sad I'm praying for everyone who has been affected by this crazy weather this year.

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Thoughts and prayers to all affected!:openarms:

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Prayers coming your way! Hope everything came out okay!