Trouble naming Baby Girl #3

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Trouble naming Baby Girl #3

DH and I recently discovered baby #3 is another girl! 3 girls! I really like the name Chase for a girl - I know, it is normally a boy name. DH isn't a fan. If I could come up with a cute, feminine middle name, maybe he would change his mind? Any suggestions?

There are no other names that I really like, and DH is making no suggestions either (granted, there are one or two other names I like, but they are names of first cousins...).

Any help would be appreciated!

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Every girl name i come up with for a middle makes it sounds like a sentance. like someone is "chasing" the girl.
i kinda agree with your DH, not a great girl's name. sorry i'm not more help.

What are your other DD's names? maybe we can help you find something awesome that goes with those.

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Maybe you could name her something else similar (Chasitity or Chasidy) and call her Chase? Maybe DH would go for something more feminine as her "real" name, but you could always use it for a nickname. Just a thought.
A few names with Chase:
Chase Elisabeth
Chase Olivia
Chase Victoria
Chase Breanne

ETA: The girls on the Baby Names board are really helpful with coming up with suggestions.

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Sorry I would not name my Daughter Chase... This lil boy in my church name is Chase.

(Chasitity or Chasidy) is good Biggrin

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How about using chase as the middle name? Like Olivia Chase, or Victoria Chase. I think those flow better?? SOrry im not much help Sad

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I love Chase for a girls name! I have a boys name myself ( Ryan) and I love it!!!!

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I like Chase for girl too Smile

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I think Chase is cute. I also thought of Chase Elizabeth first. It definitely needs at least two syllables, three is even better.

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It's kinda hard to find a middle name without it sounding like a sentence/command. Sorry I'm not much help.