U/S today! *updated kinda long..

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U/S today! *updated kinda long..

NO point in it really. But Im not going to argue a sneak peak! They just want to see how Large and in Charge this little guy is. I still say he's smaller than DS. Of course they'll push me to reschedual C/s but NO THANKS. I hope I get good pictures this time around we haven't really gotten good ones yet.. 14 days and counting! Biggrin

I have to change my count down to 7 days. The dr. was almost yelling at me after the u/s. In a "I know whats better for you kind of way." Needless to say I cried and I think that threw her off even more... But they've rescheduled my c-section to the 26th. Thats the farthest she would let me go. Baby Ben is measuring at 8lb 11oz. I did point out that he's almost two pounds smaller then my DS at this point (DS was born 37w 6D @ 10lb 6oz 22.5 inches), but she said he'll gain another half oz by this time next week. No good u/s pics of his face, he's smooshed with his face pointing towards my back. I guess the issue with him being big is that his head isn't engaged (90th percentile) and putting pressure on my scar, and she said if I refused the c-section at 39 weeks she'd have me sign a waiver saying I'm going against her advice and her practice isn't responsible if my scar would rupture. Basically freaking me and DH out. I tried to argue, but she kept saying who cares if its not "likely", if it happens at all its bad. so then of course I feel like a jerk for saying its not "likely" to happen. What mother wants to "chance it" with her baby? :(So Tuesday it is, not with my fav doctor either, not that it matters, I know the hospital staff are the real care givers. and I swear if anyone asks me if I have GD one more time, I'm going blow up. My current response is "no ive been tested twice" and most of the time they shut up. I don't know why Im not excited, but im not. Interestingly enough though when I walked out of the office the dr told me to wait a second and came back with a bunch of vitamins... I think she felt bad. Not my goal, but at one point in the convo she tried to compair the service from DS's dr & practice and I mentioned that according to her staff I was misscarring, so NO I didn't think it was better. I think once my mind has had a chance to readjust I'll be happy. Healthy is best, this I know. On the bright side DH took me for ice cream after my apt.

Free Vitamin to make me feel better?

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14 days.....WOW.....so exciting. can't believe we're going to have so many babies coming very soon.

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YAY! Enjoy your sneak peak! Keep us updated on both of ya'lls progress Smile

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Woohooo 14 days!!! crazy isn't it?

Update us on how it went - and with pics (??) when you can!!! Smile

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Right behind you with 16 days

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oh I hope you get some nice pic's, I can't believe there will be babies soon. Can't wait to hear how it went.

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Exciting! Hope it went well!

I have my last u/s a week from today. Can't wait to see him then.

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It's so crazy how close you are! Hope the ultrasound went well.

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i'm sorry that the doc made you cry and yelled at you. that was very unprofessional. i'm glad your DH was there with you.
So while its not the way you wanted it but at least you know that your son is going to be in your arms very soon.
OMG 7 days soon. so excited. can't wait to be reading more birth stories from our own group!

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Wow you don't have much longer now.
sorry Dr. yelled at you
pray you have a healthy Delivery and Baby
You may even beat me Smile

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I'm sorry for your crappy Dr.

Best wishes for a safe and healthy delivery!!

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Aww I'm sorry the doc wasnt better about it. definitely not needed.

On the bright side the 26th is a great day - its my 8th anniversary! Wink From the start of this pg I keep telling baby he has to stay in past that day and then he can come any time - I didnt want to share our anniversary with him. LOL Wink

WOW a week!!! Smile Are you ready?! If it was me, I'm not... lol.

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What a (*&@$@ that doc was....there are def. better approaches, esp when you so whole heartedly wanted to go longer. HUGS!

7 days!! Holy moley!!