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u/s today

So this morning I had my last ultrasound.

Good news is that everything looks great. Heart looks good, lungs & other organs look good, we got a cute profile pic of him with his hand up by his face (I will upload it when I can) and the tech was able to get all the views and pics she needed. It was funny, at the end she was trying to get him to move his hand out of his face so she was poking my stomach all over and we saw him wiggling around on screen. lol. Poor kid was like "LET ME SLEEEEEP crazy woman" lol ...

And now for the big thing - his size. Because DS was so big (an oz and a half shy of 10 lbs) and I had all the complications, thats why I am going to have a Csec next week. However... the computer estimated his weight at 6lbs1oz today.

I'm really unsure of going into a early Csec in one week to have a SIX POUND baby? Why do that when I can wait... and either go into labor on my own, OR if my BP spikes or something happens, go for a Csection later. ... I was comfortable with a Csec next week. But now knowing hes small, I'm not sure. Part of me wants to not have a Csec next week. And then theres the creeping suspicion that this is EXACTLY happened LAST TIME... they said he'd be small and he wasnt.
The tech said (and i quote) "If hes a 10 lbs baby I need to go back to school"...
Odd thing - I *think* she might have been the same tech who said the SAME thing for DS last time around. lol. weird... she said she recognized me and asked if it was my 2nd pregnancy and I said yes... so I'm sure shes done an u/s before on me.

Anyway, now I'm confused. I'm taking DH with me tomorrow to see my doc for my 37 week appt, and we'll be having a long conversation about all this. I'm really not sure what to do right now.
My line of thinking right now is... if both me and baby are healthy, why not leave me and see what happens. If something goes wrong and I need to be induced, just do a Csec instead of induction (since it was so horrible last time). If I go into labor on my own and dont progress or have problems, I'll skip to a Csec rather than having all the complications. But give me a chance to see if I go into labor...

I hate this feeling of being unsure and not knowing and second guessing.
thanks for listening to my rant. Thoughts/comments welcome! Smile

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your thoughts on this make alot of sense, but im a FTM so what do i know? LOL im glad you had a great u/s and i cant wait to see pics!

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i'm of the mind to let a baby bake as long as they need to, barring any issues with Mom (pre-e, etc). i think you should wait and see if you go into labor on your own or if that doesn't happen schedule your c/s for your 40th week. No harm in waiting.

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Marilyn I so understand what you’re saying! We have our u/s next week to see the size, but we are in a similar situation. Doc’s wanted a c-section on the 26th at the latest, and I told them no way unless I was sick. They can’t force surgery on you. Even if they say the baby is 10+ lbs at our u/s I’m going to wait till Aug. 1st. I just feel that rushing the baby is no good. We did however decide against the V-bac. Like you I’m petrified of a repeat of first birth experience, and they keep assuring me it will be different with a planned c-section. I do think you need to consider how you’re feeling also. I feel pretty good this time around, swelling sucks and I could go on with complaints but honestly it’s not unbearable. If your ok and your health is ok waiting on the c-section till you go into labor, I think it can only benefit your LO. I would have waited till I went into labor for Baby Ben’s c-section, but I want a certain doctor hence the date of the 1st not the 2nd or later. But I do feel better knowing I’m waiting till the very end. However, if you do go early for your c-section at least your u/s showed a healthy baby. Heck you might go early naturally, can’t count that out either. Best of luck deciding.

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All PP as right, your doctor can't force surgery on you period. my doctor doesn't do scehduled c-sections until 39 weeks and I feel pretty safe with that.

The weights and sizes on those u/s are only estimates. They are notorious for showing a big baby or small baby and the baby actually being the opposite.

Think about it, talk to DH about it. That being said, if you do decide to go through with your c-section next week, I think baby should be perfectly fine. But I do agree that letting baby bake as long as possible is the best option.

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I think your instincts are correct. Just this last week I cared for a baby boy in the NICU who was a routine 39 week C-section (no medical reason). He was 8lbs, but he had respiratory distress syndrome because he just wasn't ready to come out. This is not that uncommon (although less common after 39 weeks), and Caucasian boys are at the highest risk for RDS.

At least if you go into labor, even if you decide on a C-section, you can be fairly sure that your baby is mature and ready to be born. And ultimately, I think the baby's health and your peace of mind that he's ready matters more than the practitioner that performs the section or the delivery...the nurses provide most of the care anyway...you'll only see the doctor for what, 30 minutes max?