Um, pink discharge after intercourse...maybe tmi

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Um, pink discharge after intercourse...maybe tmi

Er...DH and I have just done the deed and this time, I'm leaking pink-ish...

At 25 weeks almost and with a 'low placenta' as seen 5 weeks ago, I'm a little worried...

Should I be?

I know that blood vessels are raging down there and could easily burst or something after sex but can't help stressing a little.

I wish I can just have her here now safe and sound...

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It's normal to have discharge like that but with your low lying placenta I'd cal the doctor. I thought you were on pelvic rest?

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i agree normally i'd say no worries, but with the low placenta i'd call. Any cramping? and like pp said i thought with the low placenta you'd be on "rest".

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If you have a normal pregnancy, it is normal to have pink spotting after.

However, in your case, like the others have said - I would call the dr.

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Sounds normal to me. I agree that you should probably be on pelvic rest though. I had previa with my last pregnancy and was on pelvic rest. As long as you aren't cramping or soaking through pads, I think you are ok. JMO though. If you would feel better calling or being seen, that's ok. You just need to feel ok with your decision. Good luck!

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No, I wasn't placed on pelvic rest by the Dr when she did my scan...but I should take it easy from this point on, not worth the stress!

I wasn't soaking through after or anything and there were no cramps...but she wasn't moving much until I put some headphones on the belly and played music. She started moving when the music stopped lol. That brought huge relief!

I have my monthly check this Thursday so will ask then.

Have another scan to check on bobo and placenta at 32 weeks...too far away!

Will let you know how it goes on Thursday....


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Sound Normal I had that problem with DS #2
Ya'll Must have had some Fun .. LOL Wink

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The bigger I get, the more he wants it - or so he says...

After we were done, he said 'poor baby'...I'm thinking er, yeah, I'm sure she doesn't appreciate it. She'll let him know how she felt about it all when she's out!

Guess this might be also why some babies like to be rocked to sleep Wink