unexpected great news .....

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unexpected great news .....

Hello Ladies! Wanted to announce the early arrival of baby girl ---. She's 5lbs 6oz.
Delivered today @ 10:03 today.

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Good Job Kim! Wonderful news! So happy for your family! July 2nd is a good birthday! Blum 3

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Congrats! Hope all is going well so far!

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WOW!! Congrats!! Can't wait to see pictures Smile

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I hope you both are doing well. I can't wait to hear more and see some pics!

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Congrats!!! Smile Can't wait to hear more and see some pix!

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What what what congrats girl
Wow you beat us all
Can't wait to see pic's and see how she is doing
take care

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Does this mean We have our first August baby????

Congrats!!:yahoo: I hope the new family is doing well!:D

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I saw this on FB and had t ojump on over to hear what happened. Can't wait to see some pictures!

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i also saw this on FB and immediately came on hoping to see more info!! Congratulations and i cant wait to see pictures!

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It's real and it's happening - CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND THE FAMILY!!!

Welcome little baby girl Burke!! Awe!

Would love to hear more about the whole thing and the lead up to the little lady when you're free and able...! (might mean next year lol)


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Congrats! So glad she's healthy. She's a great size for being early!! Hope you're both doing well.

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Congratulations! Glad you are both well.

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Congrats! I'm glad you and the baby are doing well. Smile

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WOW! Congrats!!! Welcome to the world baby girl!

July 2 is a good day - I have a good friend whose birthday is today. lol Wink

KUP and give updates and pics when you get a chance!!!

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Wow! Congratulations! Glad you both are doing well!

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Congratulations!!! Sooo exciting!!!