update on 3rd ultrasound

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update on 3rd ultrasound

I had my regular doctor appt and asked what they saw on my 2nd ultrasound that concerned them. My doctor explained that they want to take a closer look at babys heart. The lower right ventrical is larger than it should be. They want to check blood flow, pressure, and whether or not she has a hole in her heart. I am hoping it is something that will fix itself as time goes on....

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Hopefully everything will be fine and it will be something that can fix itself over time. You are in my T&P.

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like the PP said i hope with time it will repair itself.

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I hope it's something along the lines of "normal" and that it will fix itself. I've heard of other people I know having issues like that with the baby during and just after pregnancy, and a lot of the time it does resolve on its own. I hope that's the case for you!

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I hope everything works out ok! T&Ps for you!

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Hope it resolves on it's own! T&Ps and hugs!

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I hope every thing turns out to be ok

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Hoping it resolves itself over time. KUP!

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Ill be thinking of you!

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thanks ladies. I am hoping for the same. time will tell. come this friday hopefully I will know more.

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G/L Friday!

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GL on Friday .. Pray all is ok