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Sorry I haven't been around lately. But I had to start back to work full time 2 weeks ago. Poetrie has been having a time with formula. Her little system isn't taking it well. She has been having alot of gas and constipation despite changing the formula also very cranky because of it. Not sleeping much at night either. So I'm pretty much in zombie mode everyday. I've decided to start breastfeeding and pumping. Kinda gave up when I couldn't pump as much as I liked and when I tried to put her to the breast she didn't stay latched on. Came to realize that she was too worked up to do so. She has been gaining weight and growing. She is over 8lbs now. Which is great given the fact that she was only 5lbs 6 oz and dropped to under 5lbs. She has alot of personality to be so small and loves when I sing to her. My hubby and dd1 are totally in love with her and we all jump when she cries. She runs the house. Lol! I call her my little diva. I will definitely post more pics soon.

Hope everyone is doing fantastic!

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Just lurking, but congrats on making BFing work!!! WTG Mama!

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Good luck with BF again! It's so hard to be working and having to pump. I hope it works out for you and her little tummy feel better!

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I hope her tummy gets better and your BFing works out. I have been in zombie mode the past week so I know how hard it is. Keep it up girl! Biggrin

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Aww love the siggy
Hope Bfing goes well for you.