Update on me....

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Update on me....

Well last night was HORRIBLE! I was up every hour sometimes several times to go pee. TMI*** my crotch felt "weird" I don't know how to describe it....just felt funny. So I called the dr first thing this am and they said to go to L&D for monitoring. 2 hours after being monitored and checking my urine all is 100%! She basically just said that it's the babies head pushing on my bladder. I'm not very tall, 5 foot actually, and there is getting no where to go, and it's my 3rd pg so things aren't as "tight" as they once was. She also said it could just be a UTI and too early to detect it so they sent it off for culture. Also to stay out of the heat and drink lots of water, with the heat and pg we get dehydrated so much quicker which can lead to contractions. BUT she also said that the babies strip on the monitor was the prettiest she's seen in a long time Smile and baby looks great! Cervix is high and closed tight!

NOW, there was a 15 yr old in labor across the hall.....I'm not kidding it sounded like the exorcist was giving birth next door! :shock: I made dh close the door because it was scarring the tar out of me! She didn't sound human.....very very very scary stuffy!!! But then we heard the sweet baby cry and dh and I both got teary eyed. I'm so excited for our LO's to get here!

thanks so much for everyone for all the well wishes on my other post I really appreciate it! now i'm off to pee again. How often do you ladies pee? is it just me?

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I am so glad everything looks good! I was worried about you! That's horrible about the 15-year-old in labor across the hall. Not something you want to hear when you're getting close to delivering!

I pee constantly right now! I thought this week I was coming down with a UTI, but I don't have any other symptoms. I am guessing it's just baby pushing on it- her head is pretty low.

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I think the longest I possibly go without peeing is 75 min (literally thats how long my classes are at school lol and so far I can make it through the whole class if I pee right before and right after). Otherwise I probably more often. I pee a bunch of times in the early evening before bed, and usually am good until 3:30am (I'm up every night at that time lol, weird how its always at the same time), and then sometimes I will be up again at 6 before I have to get up at 7. And then its pretty much hourly again. LOL

I'm glad everything worked out today and that you and baby are doing well!

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Glad everything looks good.

I pee quite a lot too and I feel like this baby is pretty low as well.

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glad all was ok! i pee a ton! and i feel just like you do, like there is no more room and i dunno how ima make it 8 more weeks. Smile

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I probably last about 2 hrs.

I still have bladder control so I am pretty sure they haven't dropped right on top of my bladder yet.

I wouldn't like listening to that girl give birth either.

I am glad everything is good with you though Smile

I can't wait for the babies to be here!

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"2confused" wrote:

! now i'm off to pee again. How often do you ladies pee? is it just me?

now that my baby finally turned, I have to pee all the time, and the night baby moved i almost wet the bed. literally I could pee and then have to pee ten minuets later. I jsut depends on how much i have had to drink and how baby is laying.

Oh and glad to hear baby is doing well.