update for me and baby

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update for me and baby

My original due date was august 1st. I ended up with severe preeclampsia and had to be sent to St Joesph Hospital for an emergency C section where the NICU had the technology to handle a 2 and a half month early baby. My blood pressure was thru the roof, plus other complications that happened while i was under general anestisia. Needless to say Im very lucky to be alive and so is my baby girl who was born 2lbs 2oz on may 23rd. We had some really rough moments(the nurses are happy and surprized how fast i got better and how fiesty my little one is) Arabella is 4 weeks old now, she is 3lbs 7oz. She was finally strong enough that they were able to take her off the ventilator yesterday! woo hoo! I got to hold her for almost an hour and a half with is a major thing for me. since i only got to hold her once per week before.(for 20 min or so) I get to hold her everyday now and i can finally hear her make sounds since no more vent. Music to my ears! She still has a ways to go.. has to breath completely on her own, bottle feed and keep her weight above 4lbs. but she will get there. i just hope before my birthday august 7th.. If i can figure out how to attach a pic to my name i will so everyone can see her. she is so tiny, but filling out nicely..:D

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That is such good news. She was so early and tiny, I couldn't imagine what you have gone through and still are. Can't wait to see a pic of her!

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YAY!! thank you so much for the update!!!

I'm so glad shes doing well and you get to hold her more. It'll do you both so much good!

Theres a sticky on the board for general info and it has some tips on posting photos. Photobucket is great for it. If you need any help send me a PM. Smile

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I'm so glad you are both healthy after that. Your LO will be in my T&P, she sounds like quite the fighter. Good job mom!

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great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Biggrin I had been wondering about our first august baby. Smile

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I am glad that you are both doing well. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for you both!

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So glad she's doing well! I hope you can bring her home soon! Take care of yourself, mamma!

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I am glad to hear you are both doing well. Prayers and thoughts for a speedy recovery.

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So exciting!! Glad she is such a fighter!!! More and more T's and P's coming your way for even more progess!!

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Awesome news.. Congrats on your new Arrival.
Glad you are both doing good.
Pray she pack that weight on

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I am glad to hear you are both doing well! I have thought about you a lot since your last post. I was hoping your DD was doing well in the NICU.

I am so glad you are finally able to hold her every day. It would be torture not being able to hold your LO - even though you know it is for their own good.

Please KUP and I would love to see a pic of your little girl.

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So glad everyone is doing well!!

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Wonderful news!