update on Orion!

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update on Orion!

Orion finally had his 6m shots on Thursday. (hes almost 8m lol).

He is 18 lbs and 27 inches. He did great with the shots, only cried for a little bit. He has 8 teeth, rolls/wiggles his way around the floor and is soo close to sitting on his own. He does it for a few seconds before toppling or leaning on a pillow. he always pulls his feet in towards his bum and loses his balance. lol. I try straightening them for him but its short lived. He is the happiest little baby in the world. He always smiles and only fusses if hes poopy or his bottle is late lol.

You may remember my posts about him not eating and being frustrated with food...well this past week DH was holding him during lunch and decided to feed him a tiny piece of grilled cheese. I was astonished that he LOVED it. Since then, he has had small chunks of foods and is doing WONDERFUL! I guess with 8 teeth I shouldn't be so surprised lol... anyway I've basically given up on purees now. lol. Onto chunky finger food! He's eating squash, banana, sweet potato, white potato, toast, a teeny bit of cheese, he's had arrowroot cookies now too, lol, and I'm going to try mushed peas with him tonight. Yesterday he ate a quarter of a grilled cheese sandwich! (I cut Sorens grill cheese in triangles so I broke up a triangle for Orion, minus the crust, and he ate just about all of it!) Of course he's still on Formula too so hes getting all he needs there. We are finally having fun with food and its not stressful. Yay!!!

Heres 2 pics of him a couple weeks ago. It was warm here and we were out at the park. He also loves swings. Other one is one a friend took while he was in the exersaucer.

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Glad he is doing good and finally enjoying food! He is adorable! Love the picture with the glasses, what a cool little guy Wink