Upper abdominal pain when sleeping??

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Upper abdominal pain when sleeping??

For the past week or more I've been having this abdominal pain in the upper part of my stomach. I mainly notice it when I'm on my left side. It's not pain on my left side but at the top part of my stomach. It's hard to describe. Almost like brusing. It wakes me up and I roll over on to my back and the pain feels worse for about a minute and then goes away. It's happened a little when I lay on my right side but mainly on my left side.

Anyone else experiencing anything like this? Any ideas on how to releive the pain?

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Hmm not having it on my left but I do have pain on my right...but I've had it the whole time and they think its scar tissue related.

have u tried counter pressure on it? I'm just guessing but I hope it eases up soon!

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I haven't had anything like that. I hope the others can provide some insight for you.