vampire baby!

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vampire baby!

I love nursing Ben, it has been great. How ever just two days ago the little bugger started to clamp down on my nipple! He'll stop nursing and then whammm ?! My sister told me to flick his cheek but when I did he got very upset and stopped nursing. Any other suggestions?

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I either flick them or just say "no" very firmly and loud enough that it gets their attention. Ouch!

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"Jessica." wrote:

My sister told me to flick his cheek but when I did he got very upset and stopped nursing.

It's more effective is you get a strong reaction out of it. I was told to flick cheek, say "no bite", end the session and put the baby down. After baby has calmed down, you may try again. But that may be for older babies cause I didn't have a problem til much later with Daniel.

Evie will clamp, but it's a slow increase in pressure and by the time i've realized what she's doing, she releases. But she is damaging me cause she does it a few times each day. I'll end our session but not flick cause it's not a quick enough action on my part. She'll get upset when I take it away, but if she's gonna clamp than she's not hungry enough IMO.

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He only does it near the end.. so maybe he's just "done". Im going to try to say no bite loud... he does look up when I cry out. OUCH...

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Alex is pinching the fire outta me. He will also clamp down, almost like he's teething, but his main think is litterally a titty twister, he pinches and twists!

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Lio clamps down too. It doesn't really phase me like it did when DD was a baby and did it. But maybe that's just because she's an acrobatic breastfeeder and my nipples are used to the damage, ha ha. If it really hurts, pull him in close to you. Like smash his nose into your breast - he cannot breathe so it forces him to unlatch. I would say "no!" loudly, and then put him down. Then try again in a few minutes if he is still hungry. I know with Lio, he's doing it because he is teething. So I try to give him an alternative (i.e, pop a teether in his mouth). I promise this phase does pass! You'll get a few chomps most likely when he gets his first tooth or so, and those are way worse! But if you stick it out, they learn not to fairly quickly, and it's easy again. Wink