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Sidney just started today!! She has been letting go of furniture and standing on her own the last few days, and today she suddenly started walking to me without holding on! She is doing about 8-9 steps before she sits down.:D
I am super excited, dd1 didn't start walking until she was 17.5 months... Sidney is almost 7 months earlier.

Anyone else taking steps??

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Eve is kinda cruising along the couch. but her feet still roll to the sides so she's not ready yet.
DS1 walked at 10 months
DS2 at 11, so i was really expecting her to be walking more. but honestly I'm in NOOOOOOO hurry for her to be walking. Smile

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DH and I were just talking about this yesterday. She seems like she might walk before our sons did.. but she's still doing like Eve and doesn't always stand flat footed. We are both excited and nervous for her to start walking.. for obvious reasons. Smile

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My walker has turned into a runner! Alyeska started walking about a month ago and in the past week has gotten so much quicker. It's amazing to watch them master new skills!

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She started taking steps right at 10 months and now is just EVERYWHERE at once. I was hoping she'd wait a little longer, but she thinks she's gotta keep up with the older two.

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Evie started standing on her own (without knowing she's doing it) this week. Once she realizes that she's standing alone, she sits down pretty quickly. It's funny to watch. Lol

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Alex started walking about three weeks ago, so around ten months. DS#1 walked at ten months, almost 11 so I think Alex has him beat by a couple weeks, lol. Smile My daughter walked at 11 months. He's also climbing. It is SO CUTE to see them walk but it makes my job harder chasing them around places other than home. I know our home is safe but when we're out, I don't really enjoy following him around, lol. Is that bad?

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not walking or standing by her self yet, but Lilly loves to furniture cruise and "monster walk" with with grandpa. we bought her first pare of shoes today.

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Ava cruises everywhere! Anything she can lean on she will use. However, she is not standing alone yet.

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No walking here yet.

Congrats! Walking is so exciting (until they start running away, of course Wink ).