water broke @ 1:11am

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water broke @ 1:11am

Well my c-section isn't untill 9:30 today... but I woke up and felt a pinch/kick? and well yeah... water broke...:eek: but I have no contractions? more kinda like leaked anytime I moved my leg as I was on my side and then I stood and soaked the floor. ewwwwy. called Hospital and they said take shower and head in.... all I can say is ... weird... I guess Ben wasn't going to wait till the 1st anyhow! I'll update Stephanie with more info as I go!

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Her surgery time was moved up to 5:30. We'll have a new addition soon! Smile

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Congrats, Jessica! I hope things go well!

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Congratulations! i cant wait to hear your update!

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Congratulations!! Can't wait to hear the update!!

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Whoo hoo....by now we should have a handsome baby boy to add to teh group.

Congrats Jessica!!

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Congrats!! Happy bday baby Ben:D

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This should even the boys and girls out for a lil bit. Smile

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That's awesome! He got to choose his birthday after all. Smile Hope it went well, mama!

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Aw how fun! He wasn't gonna let anyone tell him when he was gonna be born! Go boy lol

Can't wait to hear how it went n see pics!!

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Yay, congratulations! Ben was definitely taking charge and calling the shots, ha ha. Can't wait to hear about his birth and see pictures!

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ATTA BOY!!! lol He knows what he wants already!

Congrats Jessica and welcome baby Ben!!! Can't wait to hear the official word and see pics Biggrin

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Yay! How exciting!! I guess today really was the day Smile