We decided on a name

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We decided on a name

So DS's name is Alexander Shaun. We decided on Maxwell Robert for this one. Max for short. I realize that Robert Maxwell probably flows better but DH and I don't want Robert as the first name. Robert is a family name and we decided on RObert as the middle name. I really like Max as it is but I don't think it sounds good as a first name since DS's is Alexander. He goes by Alex though.

So what do you think? We're going with it regardless of what people say but just curious on your thoughts.

Hope you have a good week ladies!!

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I like it! Congrats on finalizing a name!!!

I like it because Max isn't a commonly used name, even though it can be considered "common". Smile Oh and Alex and Max flows well together too!

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I think Maxwell Robert flows just fine, it's a great name. A friend of mine from these boards has twin boys named Alex and Max. Smile

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i agree i think it flows really well too. Congrats on having a name!

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I think it is cute! Max is a cute nickname too.

Way to go, deciding! DH said he was fine with any of my top choices for names, which is good, but doesn't help me narrow them down. :biglaugh: Struggling with middle names, too! Send some of your decisive vibes this way, will ya?

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I love Max! And Maxwell is super cute as a formal name.

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I am a fan of Max. Very cute.

I am glad you have your name picked out. Smile

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I'm with the other ladies. I think it flows great! I actually think it flows better than Robert Maxwell. Congrats on the official decision!

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I like it! Max is super cute for a nickname and Maxwell Robert is a great name for an important man when he grows up:)

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I really like it! Maxwell Robert.....sounds wonderful:D. Now if I could just get my DH to finalize his decision on a name for our little girl. I was hoping to have one before my baby shower but he just keeps saying that he has narrowed it down.

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Big fan of Max! Congrats!

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Love it! Smile YAY for picking a name!