WE had a Baby......

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WE had a Baby......

Finally able to update you

Lilly Jay was Born August 23rd at 7:37 A.M.
She weighed 9 lbs. 7 oz. 21 in long.

so sorry it took so long for an update, the short is we went in to L&D at 4:55am monday 22nd, I was only 5 cm, they set me up in my room, adn we labored all natural, my water broke at 4:04 pm, after we started to have many difficulties, and many unwanted interventions later, a stuck baby and threatened c-section, I pushed for 3 1/2 hours and she was born. She came out and peed and pooed all over the MV, and her Apgar score was 8/9. I only had 2 second degree internal tears and what they called fissures near my clit. I did have sever hemorrhaging, but the meds worked. both me and baby are doing great, she is amazing at nursing. I wll post the enire birth story when i can. here is one pic, i will update with more when i can.

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Congratulations! So cute, all that dark hair! 3 1/2 hours, yuck. Hope you are recovering well.

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Congratulations! Can't wait to hear the full story.

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Congrats & what a Cute little Girl

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Congrats! Lilly is gorgeous! 3.5 hours.... What a trooper!!!

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Congratulations! Love all that hair!

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Congrats! She is absolutely adorable!

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congrats! love all that beautiful hair!

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OMG she is just beautiful! I absolutely love it when babies have lots and lots of hair!! Congrats on your precious princess!

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Congrats!! I thought Em had a lot of hair but little Lilly has her beat!

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Wow, congrats due date buddy!!

She is just adorable!!

Well done xxx

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I am sooooo happy for you !!!!!!
She is so beautiful!!!
congratulations to you and your hubby!!!
Much love!!!

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She's gorgeous!

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Thank you all so much!! I still can't believe how much she looks like i did when i was born. I guess all that heartburn was from that hair. it is so soft and silky. I do wonder if it will fall out like mine did. I have brown hair and Dh has dirty blond.

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What a beautiful baby girl Smile

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Congrats, shes beautiful!