we are sick

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we are sick

So kendra started waking up stuffy 5 nights ago, but once she was up she was perfectly fine so after 2 nights of that i figured maybe she needed a humidifier. 2 nights ago she didnt sleep too good and was seriously congested and i even had to use the boogie sucker (sorry not sure what its called LOL). That worked really good once i got the hang of using it. but she is miserable and hasnt slept too good the last few nights because of it Sad So yesterday my throat started to hurt a bit and yep, now im sick too! im exhausted, im sitting here at work trying so hard to keep my eyes eyes open, stuffy nose, sore throat, feel like Sh*t.

so i have 2 questions:

1) is there anything that i can take THAT ACTUALLY WORKS, that i can take while breast feeding. i know i can call my doctor, but you ladies have experience..

2) can i pass on my sickness to her through breast feeding? this may seem silly, but it seems logical that this is possible....so i thought i would ask.

The weather here has been so crazy! We got 10 inches of snow on saturday, was 50 the next day and the snow was gone. Freezing this morning, high of 60 today :eek:

anyone else feeling my pain with the sickness? Sad

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You can take Mucinex. Just plain Mucinex. The blue kind. And no, I don't beliebe you can pass on an illness through BM. The reason I know this is when DS1 was very young I thought I got food poisoning and then a day later he got sick with the same stuff. I called and reemed the restaurant about it. We both ended up going to the doctor and my doctor said you can't pass anything like that through BM. I do believe HIV and Hepatitis can though but regular colds or stomach viruses can't.

Hope you both get to feeling better soon! Lot's of liquid for you. Try a Netti Pot or the Neil Med Sinus rinse. Hot showers too.

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You cannot pass it to the little ones through BM. I know this b/c when we were in Phx Children's I got sick and Dr. told us that it was not a bad thing as I was giving her the antibodies in my milk and making her stronger.

Feel better soon!

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Afrin nose spray is a god send in my book, just don't use it any more then 3 days in a row...also I second the mucinex.

Bfing while sick is actually good bc u pass ur antibodies on to fight what u have. I have had pneumonia for a Wk or more and I've still been nursing.....just wash hands a lot and obviously don't cough/sneeze on her Smile

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i went and got the mucinex and i helped and for the first time in a week i got a decent nights sleep. im still exhausted and sick, but i feel a zillion times better. THANK YOU!! if only i could make her feel better Sad i was thinking that BFing while sick would be the best thing for her as she is getting the antibodies, but i wanted to make sure Smile