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... perhaps this baby is going to try to come early after all. After having one over-due baby and another very over-due baby, I had no thoughts of delivering on my due date with this baby but, I started having contractions the other day and had to go into the maternal assessment ward at our hosipital to be monitored. I was indeed having contractions, they weren't doing anything to my cervix, thank goodnes, it was still long and closed up tight but they told me to stay in bed the rest of the day and i can have no sex (not that we're having much anyway right now) until my next app. on the 18th where they will check my cervix again. I cannot be on my feet more than a hour without getting contractions and my midwife thinks that it's b/c it's my third baby, the baby is very low b/c my muscles just aren't holding my uterus up like they could before, and baby is starting to put pressure on things down there (which totally explains the uncomfiness i've been having). anywho, i'm very swollen (TMI warning) down there, she said this is normal when carrying a baby as low as i am and with all that extra blood flow during pregnancy and to just to keep my feet up as much as possible. i also cannot laugh, sneeze, or cough without peeing myself-- now that sucks! she warned me when i first got pregnant and was laughing about not delivering on my due date not to laugh, that this baby may come as early as 3 weeks early... i'm definately not laughing now. i want my baby to bake, at this point, these contractions have me so stressed out that i'd carry my baby until september if i was assured i wouldn't get a preemie!!! say a prayer that these contractions go away (i'm gonna be doing my part and staying off my feet AMAP), my cervix stays closed, and baby bakes away until he is ready to be born. thanks ladies!!!

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I'm sorry to here this! I said a special prayer for you and baby, try and take it easy though.... easier to say than do I know. KUP

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also, she said to do kegals but also mentioned support hose for the swelling, what are these? are they like panty hose?
the ones i'm looking at here are like $100.00!!!

and it seems like they would be awfully hot during one of our summers.....

I also found this:

is this just the underware type thing or the whole black suit? how embaressing is this??? Beee

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I am so sorry you're going through this. Hopefully things slow down a bit. Thinking and praying for you!

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Prayers baby keeps baking!
When I was told to wear support hose (I have horrrible varicose veins), I just wore these. And yes they are very hot during summer.
Since you're dealing with vulvar varicose veins, they may not do you much good.
I would ask her the specific type of hose she recommends.
Take it easy!

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Bake away baby. T&P, try to take it easy. sorry I have not a clue about support hose and such.

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Take it easy chicka! Hope your baby bakes till at least last week in July!

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Take it easy. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Baby I know you are anxious but you have to stay in a little while longer before you can meet mommy and daddy.

Hopefully the support hose you need won't be the hideous ones.

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Ohhhh wow. i'm praying for you that little one just nestles in and gets comfy till at least 39 weeks.

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TONS of T's and P's heading your way!!! Keep baking LO!!

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Hopefully they are just BH and not anything that will progress into labor.

I hope baby bakes until ready Smile

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Positive vibes sent your way.