what do you think?

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what do you think?

okay so i saw the complaint thread but, since I have been relatively happy to be Pg, and not too bad uncomfortable I have been feeling sad that it is almost over.

Now last night i had a rough night i was up quite a bit, and once I was up for good, my hips legs and lower tummy were hurting pretty bad. I couldn't have went back to bed if i wanted too.

Then once up i was worrying because I hadn't felt baby move, but after i ate and had been up for a couple of hours baby was and has been active like usual.

Okay so on to the what I am tired of...

All day today, I have had the urge to pee i kid you not every 10 min. I am also jsut uncomfortable in general down in my pelvis area.

So i was complaining to my mom the whole time we were in the grocery store. Now she got me worried again because she said right before she and me she couldn't get comfortable.

Do you think i am being silly, or maybe the baby started to drop into my pelvis???

I have not a clue.

my next appointment is July 7th.

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I suspect baby is just low in your pelvis. Any contrax? I'm definitely uncomfortable as well with pressure down low and pain etc but I don't feel like labor is soon. All just part of the package unfortunately.

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I agree with PP. It gets uncomfortable toward the end regardless of when actual labor starts.

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What Veronica said. The third trimester just typically brings lots of discomfort. If you start noticing contractions or having any weird discharge you should let your MW know. For me the only real sign that baby was coming was when the contractions hit...
Sorry you're uncomfortable! It will be over soon.

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no real contractions that I know of, only Bh when I am too active, and haven't had enough to drink.
I guess i must just be getting anxious.

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Baby sounds nice and low. The third trimester can be pretty uncomfortable.

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as everyone else said, 3rd tri sucks in some ways... lol. Discomfort is one of them. Baby gets lower and lower, and it doesnt get any more comfortable. lol... It still could be weeks until baby comes. Try not to get too anxious about it. Easier said than done I know...