What is this pain I'm having?

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What is this pain I'm having?

Since about 2 weeks PP, I don't really remember exactly but I think around then is when it started. It's pain in my right side, not literally my side but the right side of my lower stomach. The only thing I can describe it as is RLP. I don't feel it all the time, it's worse at night when I'm rolling over or leaning out of the bed to give Max his paci or check on him. It also hurts when I bent over to take him out of the swing. I'm guessing it has something to do with my muscles because that's when I feel it the most.

I Googled it and what came up was a hurnia. I don't know if it's common to get a hurnia after a c-section but it does happen from what I've read. What does a hurnia feel like??

I never had any pain like this after my section with ds1. It's not pain around my incision, nowhere near it. I had my follow up appointment with my doctor on wednesday but I didn't mention it.

Any advice or anyone else with a section have anyting like this?

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Sorry, I have nothing but I hope you feel better soon.

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I wonder if I had the same thing...its almost like a lung cramp for me. But its down in my abdomen and seems to be tied to one of my legs, but it switches sides. I had it in the couple of weeks after and I think it was when I was pushing a little too hard. I was walking to try and drop the baby weight for the wedding I was in, and if I walked too far/fast, it would be sore. It went away a day later, and now I don't have it at all.

I hope you feel better soon. If its the same thing I had, its pretty uncomfortable. I never had RLP, so I don't know what that feels like...

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i'm not sure either, hope you're better soon....maybe give the dr a ring?

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I had/have this same thing and the doc told me it was likely my internal stitches. He said the internal incision is much larger then then external one and that I needed to use the pain as a sign to slow down or be more careful when doing things. IDK if this is it for you but it seems consistent with the pain I have.