Whats up with everyone?

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Whats up with everyone?

Seems a bit quiet around here. Whats everyone up to?
I had quite an exhausting day. I am a legal assistant and one of our clients is building a shopping/business center (with a Trader Joes Yahoo ) The stupid city makes people post signs concerning what is being done, when the hearing is...every 600 feet of road frontage. the is an 82 acre area that is divided by a street, we had to post 24 signs. Luckily the sun was out and dh wasn't busy so him and dd went with me, we walked the whole thing, with the signs in the wagon. I was glad to have his help.
Yesterday dd and I rearranged her room to make room for baby stuff. Its pretty much done for what we can do for now, so thats one thing out of the way.
Also my garden is all planted now too, yay! we have a lot planted, hopefully it all grows good, its the first year we've had one, I am quite excited, mostly about the tomatoes. Home grown tomatoes are the best!

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Glad DH was there to help you! Exciting about having a Trader Joes! I loooove that store!

I literally work, watch tv and sleep lol. I feel like such a lazy bum sometimes. But i just quit my second job about a month ago, so I am down to one 9-5, M-F job. I plan on working right up until my due date, possibly leaving a few days before.

I cant wait to get all of our baby room stuff together and organized! My shower isnt until next month, and that when we will be getting the majority of the nursery stuff, so I am just on hold with getting it done. It drives me nuts not to have it done already, but being that this is my first, I have NOTHING to put in it yet. (well a few clothes items that I/her nana couldnt resist purchasing, and of course some stuffed animals).

I just cant wait to get it all done and have it ready for her! I am going to make my SO put everything together that night! (haha he would be so mad)

Hope everyone is feeling great!!

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Things have been good here. My parents are coming to visit for 5 days. SOOOOOOOO excited haven't seen them since Thanksgiving. i hope DS2 warms up quickly too them its been too long despite showing him pictures, so we'll see.
Its busy working full time, trying to keep up with teh house and 2 active boys, but we're making it.

Congrats on getting the room ready!

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Things are a little busy, but I guess nothing too crazy. We are desparately trying to get our house on the market in the next month. But with that comes all the stuff we need to do outside to get it ready - which we've of course put off until now. We've been pulling out bushes/trees for the past week and have at least as much to still pull out. On top of that, we're trying to get one of our apartments rented (still - 2 months now I think?) and then found out early last week that a tenant in another house will be moving out at the end of June (thats a easy rent tho - thankfully!!). PLUS - I spoke to another one of our tenants about her lease ending and she said they were thinking of moving, but weren't sure yet. With the price of gas they were thinking of moving closer to work...So, I think we've decided that we are going to just end the relationship with them so we will know exactly when it'll be vacant. Rather than finding out in August that she's moving out and trying to rent it with a newborn and all the added responsibilities of that! So - we're keeping busy with everything at home and even work has been busy! Hopefully we'll get everything squared away soon cuz we need to get or little guy into his new room and the baby's stuff set up. We've only gotten 2 outfits for her and a blanket. We're gonna need more clothes than that for sure!

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I love Trader Joe’s!

I am officially done with school! YIPPPPEEEE! Last few weeks have been CRAZY with papers & finals & WORK!! I got A’s in both classes, so now all that’s standing in my way of a copy of my Bachelors is the $1600 bill I owe! Err that will take awhile. Time is flying sooo fast it seems. I still have some work to do on our nursery, but I’ll have more time now! We have some shoe to put on the trim around the floor, a new ceiling fan to purchase and install, and the closet doors to paint (a pain since its small wooden slats). More good news is that my DH now has a summer job (he’s a teacher so he’s off for the summer), so we’ll have more money coming in! I feel like its all down hill from here! Crossing my fingers that Baby Ben’s delivery will go ok, along with everyone else’s! It feels like summer here already with the 80 degree weather! The excitement is growing along with my belly for sure! We’ll see what the doc says on u/s on Monday, but I’m sure Baby Ben is growing fine.

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Love Trader Joe's! Wish we had one. Love that you were able to do a tedious task with the family to make it better (the signs). Would LOVE to go on a walk with DH and the dogs. Maybe Aug/Sept. lol

Holy moley jaimers! You are quite busy with rental property and your own house. I'm a touch jealous (military housing here) but you go girl! Just try not to get too stressed about it all.

Jessica, CONGRATS! Yahoo Yeah for you on finishing school. Not an easy task. Also, congrats to DH on the summer job. Being a teacher I know how treasured and well-earned summers are no matter what haters think.

Well, I feel lazy compared to all of you. Think I'm heading closer and closer to strict bed-rest. My MIL is in for surgery today to replace her hip, so DH is driving down (with the doggies :yahoo:) to spend the weekend with me. I'm excited about that, but bummed it will be a pretty slow weekend. I truly truly wish I could do more. But, on a high note DH will get to go to dr. appt with me. He hasn't been for the last few appts, so I'm happy. On a good note, I did color my hair yesterday, took a shower and shaved my legs (woo woo), and did my laundry. LOL that's a 1/2 hr for most of you.

Hope all have a GREAT weekend!!

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Trader Joe's is where it's at here in sunny LA Smile

Starting to get busy with it as time gets nearer...had family in town from London all week and they're gone now...DH busy with bringing in work, blah blah...

Have been in and out of the bulletin board...just not as much Sad

Childbirth classes started yesterday! Had fun there, DH loved it, good group of people.

Bobo is getting lots of gifts already...right now, she has a bigger wardrobe than I do.

Looking forward to the 3rd trimester next week!