when did Af return?

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when did Af return?

hey ladies I was just wondering how did you know when Af returned? and When?

I only stopped bleeding about a week ago, and i am now spotting, having light pink flow, is this still post delivery stuff ? I have had some cramps but that could be from Bm too, i am still having problems with that.
I have my six week pp appointment tomorrow morning, it is so hard to believe it has been six weeks and a few days.

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I doubt it's AF. AF didn't return with DS 1 till about 5 months PP and I was nursing. I did have some spotting as soon as I started the mini pill but it stopped. I bet it's still just lochia flow.

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i THOUGHT AF returned last week, i even told my dr that i was dealing with it at my 6 week check up. i started taking the BC pill; this past sunday. yesterday i started spotting thinking it was the effects of thepill, dr said cause of the one im on (the one we can take while BFing) i will have spotting off and on. Well, this morning, it not spotting, its definately AF. Am i the only one who is sick and tired of wearing PADS??? LOL

um, dumb question, what is Lochia?

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Lochia flow is pp flow.

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Lochia is the discharge you have after giving birth.
My OB always reminds me that AF can return as soon as 4-6 weeks. So far, I've still been spotting off and on. BFing can do funny things to your body from all the different hormones. I tend to have some random spotting until about 4-5 months PP when AF returns in full force. Wish I was one of those blessed women that didn't have periods until I stop BFing.

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With DD1, I started the mini pill and BF for 13 months and AF returned at 14 months.

This time I had some light spotting when I started the mini pill and am hoping for the same this time.

Both times the lochia stopped 2-3 weeks post partum.

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With DD1 I was exclusively pumping, af returned about 3 months if I remember right...really just a best guess, I know it returned much earlier than with my other kids and was VERY irregular until I got pregnant with DD2...at which point it was obviously nonexistent Lol
DD2 it didn't return until 16 months pp and DS1 it didn't return at all, but I got pregnant at 12 months pp so I'm sure it would have returned shortly after that if I hadn't gotten pregnant. I'm not sure what to expect this time around. None of my other kids went more than 2-3 hours between feedings round the clock...other than DD1 obviously because after the first few weeks I quit pumping during the night. Isaiah goes at least one 4-5 hour stretch at night, he's gone as much as 8. So we'll see, I'm thinking it could bring af on a lot sooner. I've said it before but I'd prefer the sleep over being af-free Lol And yes, DD2 was waking every 2-3 hours round the clock for feedings still at 16 months and DS1 was still at 12 months

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Still no AF or spotting. It all stopped, lochia and all, around 4 and half weeks PP. Hoping AF won't show till we wean but I doubt I'll be that lucky, lol.

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With my DD AF returned at 3 mos PP, but I didn't start ovulating until 8 mos PP when I got pregnant with DS. I would loooove it if AF just stayed away until I wasn't BFing anymore...but I doubt I shall be that lucky.

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"LauraMae78" wrote:

Am i the only one who is sick and tired of wearing PADS??? LOL

OMG! ME!! ME!!! ME!!!!

I think I've had a week without bleeding of some sort since he was born (9 WEEKS!) ... I had spotting on and off throughout the 3 weeks I've been on BC. I finish a pack of BC tonight (the 21 pill pack) and I had bright red AF type bleeding this afternoon. Its not really a flow, but its definitely not spotting, and I've been PMSing too... sigh.

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:lurk: from Sept
Glad you posted this. I was wondering, too!

My PP flow finally slowed down to brownish spotting, and I was down to just a pantyliner between 3 and 4 weeks PP. Stopped altogther for about 2 days, and then I had bright red flow starting yesterday (4.5 weeks). Wasn't sure if it was continuation of PP stuff or the return of AF, and I'm still exclusively BFing. Sad

New territory for me.. AF didn't return after DD1 was born until 10 months PP.