when your sliding into first...

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when your sliding into first...

And you feel something burst....

Tmi but this should be my theme song the last few days! A couple times a day I'm. Hitting the Potty and Phew! I can't tell if its from the contractions or the contractions are from it!

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Haha! Same here, mine is definately gearing me up for something though-- I always get upset stomach before baby comes! Smile YAY!

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Yep our bodies start clearing out... lol. I'm doing lots of that too!!!

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Funny you should say that. I thought I had contraction - I woke up twice last night in terrible pain and couldn't stop going. Then I had what I think was a contraction. It felt like I was having my period. Which when I do get my period, the same thing happens, I have to go. I guess this is the start.