Where will your baby sleep?

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Where will your baby sleep?

The nursery threads got me thinking... where is everyone's baby going to sleep?

Their own room? Your room?
Crib? bassinet? PacknPlay? Co sleep?

This baby will have his own room and crib down the hall. We did it with DS and it worked out great. I will have a rocking chair in the nursery for nursing, and then if I needed to ever put him in our room we'd have the PnP for that.

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He'll sleep in our room for at least the first 6 months. Probably a mixture of co-sleeping and the crib in a side-car set up. A neighbor gave us a really nice bassinet today though, so we might use that in the beginning.

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Eh, depends. DS coslept from the start, DD wouldn't have a thing to do with co-sleeping-- I'll try to keep him in his crib in his room and I'll be sleeping on a matress beside his crib but I totally forsee some exhausting nights of him nursing with me on the matress, lol.

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Baby will sleep in our room for the first 5 months or so in the pack n play, then hopefully will be rooming with dd. I actually set up the pack n play yesterday in our room, we rearranged it and I wanted to make sure it was a good spot. Now it is filled with sleeping stuffed animals thanks to dd Smile

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If we had a 4 bedroom he'd have his own room and he'd probably be in it at about 6 weeks...but our house is only 3 bedrooms (and boy would I love to move, but that would require us selling our house for what we paid...probably not going to happen right now). The plan at the moment is setting his crib up in our bedroom and having him sleep there until he's sleeping through the night and then hopefully moving him to DS' room. I'm *hoping* that will be by 6 months, I do not sleep well with a baby in the room and neither does DH.
We still aren't sure the crib will even fit, I wanted a mini crib but my mom bought us this one so we'll try it. If it doesn't I'm not sure what we'll do. It'll either be the pack and play or mini crib. We do have a bassinet but to be honest with a toddler running around the house it scares me since DS could easily tip it if I weren't looking for a minute so I think we'll skip that this time.

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in our room in a bassinet that hooks to the side of our bed, until she's stn and then rooming with my dd. we too need a bigger house, but we make it work!

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A mixture of co-sleeping and sleeping in the Arm's Reach Co-sleeper. Depending upon how it goes, I will attempt to put her in DD's room around 6-7 months.

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Haven't 100% decided, but I think we're going to attempt to have baby in a crib sharing a room with big sister from the beginning. If that turns out to be a disaster, we'll probably move the crib into our room for a few months.

All subject to change, of course! If there's one thing I've learned about parenting, it's that flexibility is essential!

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PnP in our room then we'll transition into his own room probably around 5-6 months.

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A co-sleeper in our room for the first few months and then will transition to her own room.

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S/he will start in the ARm's Reach co-sleeper or in our actual bed, whichever s/he does best in, I guess. At some point in life we'll either put him in DD's room or we'll conver the guest room. We're pretty flexible with whatever just works best, ha ha.

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we'll have the baby in a bassinet (or co-sleep or some combo) till the bassinet gets too small and then we'll put the baby in the crib in our room probably till 6 months or so. just depends on this baby's temperment. and then he/she will go into their own room. Since we don't know the gender the specifics are up in teh air, but we've got time.

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I can't decide. The twins won't have a room by themselves, they are going to have to share with DD.

They may start out in our room, in the living room (right outside our room for convience) or in DD's room. Where ever they are they will be in their own cribs.

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I think we are going to co-sleep the first month or 2, and then start her in her crib. During nap times of course she will be in her crib from the start, but for night time itll be with us. I have already started training the dog to not go in her room, or our room anymore to avoid having her doggie hair everywhere, as well as not wanting her to jump on the bed while the baby is sleeping. She is a big girl at 45 lbs, so she makes a lot of noise and movement when she does so...

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DH and I were just discussing this yesterday. I told him that the baby may have to sleep with us for a while. He was cool with that. The original idea was to place the baby in the 3rd bdrm. But I'm not to wild about the baby sharing a room with DH's computer and desk. But since we don't have space for a crib, pnp, or bassinet in our room, we may have no other choice.