whoop whoop!

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whoop whoop!

DH comes to Anch tomorrow and STAYS until we all go home! I am so excited. He is able to telecommute going to work on the base here in town for as long as we need. We also agreed he's bringing the dogs. If the two male dogs - MIL's and ours - don't get along (long story, but they both think MIL house is their territory) MIL thinks there is a family from church just down the road that would take our calm, cuddly Oliver. He could also maybe hang with me in bed all day, he'd make a great bed rest dog.

I cannot tell you all how excited I am, this really really lifts my spririts (sp?). I've had my fair share of complaints and vents so I wanted to share something wonderful with you all. Biggrin
PS - still cooking the LO's. ugh, really 33 weeks??? lol

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Yay!! Congratulations! I bet your excited. I am so glad your DH is coming. How awesome for you. I hope all the dogs get along. I don't think I could get along without my two.

I hope you guys get to spend some much needed time together Smile

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I'd be super excited as well!

Hope you bake those LO's a bit longer still. Even though I know you're extremely uncomfortable.

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Aw yay!! I know that gives you such a relief! So glad for you!!

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That's wonderful! I'm so glad for you:)
And congrats on baking those LOs this long! You are doing a great job!

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woowho! You are doing great to still be baking the babies, I am so happy for you to get to have your Dh and pups.

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You are doing such a great job with those triplets! 33 weeks is fantastic! My oldest was born at 34w5d and she was healthy enough to go home with me! Yay for your dh coming, I'm sure it's hard being away from him!

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Very good news. Enjoy this time and keep them cooking!

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I am so excited for you!!!!

I really hope you enjoy the company and it takes your mind off of some of the physical pain you are going through.

I am also glad you posted. I now am looking for posts from you every day to make sure the babies haven't arrived yet.

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this is great!!! im so excited for you!! Smile