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How did your eldest do yesterday with teh first day of school?
how'd you do? i know you were worried about it.


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awww... thanks! he did GREAT! he had a BLAST! he loves his english speaking class and he loved his spanish speaking class-- he said the spanish speaking was much better than he thought b/c NOBODY knows what's going on, lol. he's got a lot of friends in his class, too. several children from church, including our pastor's little girl, and they were there and helped me with alex-- they kept him in the hallway b/c all the little girls were already trying to touch him and squeeze him, lol. today was a little harder b/c i was running so late and i couldn't walk him to class, he had to walk himself-- i hope he didn't get lost-- i don't think he did b/c he showed me where his room was the first day. Smile

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Is it Spanish class like learning Spanish? I ask b/c we did not do that until HS and I thought that was way too late. My DH, FIL and MIL are fluent in French as MIL is French and I cannot wait for baby girl to learn right from the get-go.