worst 24 hours ever

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worst 24 hours ever

okay ladies so I am very sorry I haven't exactly given all the details of my birth storhy, bu tis was tramatic, but not as much as this next 24 hours will be.

last night after dinner, I just didn't feel right, i had tightness in my chest and felt very weak, like i was going to faint.

So off to the Er we went. it took for ever and the damn Dr was an idiot. the nurses had to accommodate me.

they made me puke, gave me nausea meds, peed in a cup, took loads of blood for test. Because I had major hemorrhaging after Lilly was born they were worried about clots, and even late preecamsia.

my mom and Dh are there , and we repetedly tell them I am nursing, and so I don't eant to take the CT because of the imaging Dye is toxic to babies.

I ask to pump one last time, and now I must pump and dump for the next 24 hours!!!

I took the test adn thank God i didn't have a clot, but

I feel soo stupid like i shouldn't have had the scan.
I am such an emotional wreck seeing Lilly struggle with a bottle and not be able to nurse her until 11 pm tonight.

it turns out i have a sever UTI and acid reflux that is causing my chest pain.

well the dumb as Dr. orders antibiotics that i can't take so they fix that, then i get to the pharmacy and find out the anti nausea med and acid reflux med is not good or has not studies / data that it is safe while breast feeding. so i refuse them, get my safe anti biotics, and here i am at home about to pump and dump again.

so emotionally broken, drained and praying that my little Girl will be able to get right back to the boob.

help me get through this.

I feel like i have failed her. and yesterday i was so freaking excited because my milk just came in. :cryinghard: i kno i need to stay strong but i keep bauling.

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Im sooo sorry you had to go through this :bigarmhug: Lilly will be fine she will get back to breast feedin in no time ! When a baby is hungry they will eat from any sourse just remember to be patient thats all ! I hope that the safer med work for you and shame on that doctor for not listening to you hes such a jerk !

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I'm so sorry to hear about the troubles you are having. When Mikayla was 2 days old, I had to supplement with a bottle because I was SO sore from her bad latch due to her being tongue tied, and she went RIGHT back to the boob. No issues at all, so your little one should go right back too. Definitely don't let that stress you out - you need to just let yourself recover. You are doing a great job being so diligent with the meds - you will all get through this and in a week it will seem like nothing!

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Don't beat yourself up about it. You're doing what you can. And like Jamie, Max was int he NICU and was on a bottle for 24 hours and went right back to the breast, no problem.

I hope you get some relief soon and are able to get back to nursing your sweet baby.

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I hope you feel better soon and I am sure your LO will do just fine.

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So sorry this happened... but baby girl is OK and I'm sure excited to get you back!

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thank you all soo much we have had lots of struggles today, but it will be over soon. I just can't wait to get back to nursing her and comforting her with the boob. I never thought it would be so emotionally draining.

i should be able to nurse her by midngiht / 1 am.