YAY had to share

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YAY had to share

So Kendra nursing with a nipple shield, every once in a whilei can get her to latch without it, thought even then its not but for a minute or two at a time. being a working mom i dont nurse as much as i would like to, i pump more than nurse by far unfortunately. so when weekends roll around my goal is to relax and really focus on my family and nursing Kendra. We did our grocery shopping this morning, got home andi shipped Brianna off to a friends house (yes, i gave her an order to go see a friend LOL). while DH put away the groceries i got comfy to nurse, nipple shielf in hand. as i always do, i tried to get her to latch without it. She did latched, and KEPT LATCHED for 25minutes. and for the first time actually emptied my right breast!! Yahoo See, she nurses but more or less snacks when on the breast!
I just had to share my excitement!! Smile

i hear her hungry cry, maybe she will take my left one the same Biggrin

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That's awesome!!

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What wonderful news!!! Update us on lefty LOL!

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Yay! Congratulations! Go Kendra!

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yay!!!!! awesome news Smile