Yay!! She's preggo! :)

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Yay!! She's preggo! :)

Hey ladies! So I think I had mentioned that one of my besties was trying to get pregnant. So she just told me today that they caught the egg this cycle!! I'm so incredibly excited for her because she's wanted kids from the moment I knew her and her hubs has been ready for years as well.

So, I want to make her a litte basket of all the goodies I used/couldn't live without, but I've only come up with 2 things...the lotion I used with my first, and tums Smile What would be something you ladies loved/couldn't live without while pregnant?? I know its early, but I'm the only one she's told so far, so I wanted to do something for her even though she's only about 4 weeks. She is trying to wait to tell their families until Christmas, so I'd love to do something for her to make it a little more 'real' since she's waiting...

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Congratulations to her!! I am sorry I am no help with the basket but there was nothing I needed when pregnant. Maybe one of those Bella Band things??

Anyway, congratulations again!!

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I didn't like them, but others have raved about preggie pops anti-nausea suckers or lozenges.

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"jessica2575" wrote:

Congratulations to her!! I am sorry I am no help with the basket but there was nothing I needed when pregnant. Maybe one of those Bella Band things??!

You know more then you let on!!!!!! Thats a great idea!

HOw about a gift certificate to an ice cream store for those cravings. Or one of those Pregnancy journals?

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Preggie pops, ginger ale, maybe a book - Expecting 411.

Congratulations to your friend! And how awesome of a friend are you?

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I would've loved a pregnancy journal and maybe a bella band at that stage Smile

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Thanks ladies! These are great ideas!! I love all these ideas! Where would I get a pregnancy journal do you think? I don't think I've ever seen one. Target? Or would that be more of a Babies R Us kind of thing? And the bands, aren't there a couple different brands? Did anybody have a preference or find one more comfortable than the other?

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I've seen them at Target, Barnes and Noble, even the Factory Card Outlet I saw one once.

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Aw how awesome!! And I agree, you are a great friend! I think the pregnancy journal is a great idea Smile I personally can't make it through pregnancy without Zantac...and candy! lol before you give her the basket you should take a pic and put it on here Smile

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Jolly ranchers. I arte those religiously to prevent morning sickness. My preggy pillow for later on in pregnancy.

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Woohoo! Its so much fun having a friend who is preggo! lol.

I'd recommend Saltine Crackers and ginger ale if shes having nausea! lol, they saved my butt, I'd keep the crackers on my bedside table and eat them in the night and first thing in the morning lol.

I agree on the journal idea, even if its just a pretty book with lined pages to write her thoughts and dreams. I found mine from my first pregnancy (ended in m/c) and then my 2nd pregnancy with DS1 when we moved in June, and it made me cry (happy cry) reading it again. I wish I had written something down when I was preggo with Orion. Oh well.

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Thanks ladies! I told my mom I wanted to do a basket for her and she said I should maybe wait a little bit, but I seriously can't. She's 5 weeks now, but doesn't have an appt until 7 weeks. Do you guys think I should hold off? I'm dying! I don't want to rush into it tho and then have there be a problem. Should I wait until her appointment on the 13th? She is coming over for dinner tomorrow night and I was gonna give it to her then...