Yayyyy!!!! and a rant....

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Yayyyy!!!! and a rant....

Had a doctors appt. yesterday(I go every 2 wks to the high-risk doc. now) and he tells me that my cervix has lengthened again and that everything is looking great. WooHoo! So I ask can I return to work even if its for 4 hours a day. He was a little hesistant but gave me clearance anyway. I was so excited because my vacation time is running out and if it does then I will have to pay for medical coverage up front and out of pocket...cannot afford that. So I called my supervisor with the news.....boy did she spoil the moment by telling me an untruth. She said that she didn't know if it was possible to come back to work with limitations......I was like what:confused:....why is she being dishonest:confused:....I have a co-worker that came back to work from back surgery and only worked 4 hrs a day until her doctor increased it. I was livid:mad:.....why was I livid.....because for 8 out for the 11 yrs I have worked for this company I have been subjected to on and off unfair treatment. I am not much of a complainer. So I would just write it down just in case I needed it. But this time I was prepared to fight. To shorten the story a bit...she asked that I have the letter faxed over to her so she could read it and tell her supervisor what it said. I knew that they would ask for something more...I had already warned the Dr about that yesterday. True to form they wanted another letter stating when I could start and how long I could work those hours and what where the limitations. Here's the kicker...I no longer work with the public face to face. I sit in an office with frosted glass where you have to ring a bell to get access and the only ppl allowed access is FedEx, UPS, USPS, car dealers that drop off work to be reviewed, maintenance workers, and the inner office couriers. I sit at a desk all day. I called the drs office and they revised the ltr and faxed it over. Well my supervisor leaves a msg on my phone, in a not so happy tone, that she will see me on monday and "we will see how it goes for that week." After listening to that...I said "Well God, you have control over it and whatever You have planned for me...I am okay with it." I think after I have the baby, Im going to take online courses to finish my degree of study and get as far away from that place as I can.

OK I'm done:) Thanks for listening.

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Yay for you, so glad you and baby are going much better, I hope it stays that way. Smile

Bummer about your work place problems. Sounds like your supervisors have major issues. I think favoritism happens everywhere, but geez, you would think you have some kind of sway being that you have been there for so long.

Good luck on finishing your degree, I hope that can open the doors for you.

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That's great that you can work again! Boo to your boss for being such a jerk about the whole situation.

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YIkes.. I hope it works out ok. Like you said its in gods hands. But thats wonderful news about your cervix! Yippeee!

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Yay!!! I hope you're able to work PT. I'm so happy for you!! Just take it easy.

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great you get to go back to work
take it easy

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Booo! Bosses like that suck!
I hope things work out better so that its not horrible to be back there.

I'm glad things are getting better for you though! Smile

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The crazy thing about my boss is that she has been through the whole bedrest thing herself with twins. Also why keep reminding me that I am running out of personal leave and when I do something about it or at least try to do something about it you want to block me? I don't know. Guess I will see how tomorrow goes.

Thanks for the support Ladies!

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YAY!! congrats!