A year to the day

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A year to the day

since we conceived Kendra. Yes i know the exact date, had an IUI done at 10am on this date a year ago. Im feeling a bit mushy and sentimental and i just wanted to share with someone. In 14 days it will be my 10th anniversary and 1 year since i found out for sure i was preggo. This last year has gone so fast...:sad: i hope 2012 going much slower! Smile

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Our day was December 7th. I know because I know what we were up to then. Smile

Congrats on your anniversary also (it is our 12th on 12/19).

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Yay, lol I remember becasue it was the week of thanksgiving that we conceived positive opk.

it is hard to believe it has been a year since the positive Pg test, and here we all are loving our little ones. Biggrin

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Wow, it has gone fast. Dec 1 was when we had our BFP. I get mushy around now too... Both BFPs for our boys were in December. lol ... would kinda like another... but NOT YET!!! hehehe

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I wish I would have looked at this last week. The 18th is when we found out we were pregnant, but I know the day we dtd that produced our daughter. It is so hard to realize it has been a year. Time sure does fly!