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... still here, too. Will be 41 weeks tomorrow. Still having tons of contractions and I'm curious how far you can dilate without going into active labor??? I know some women have walked around at 5 cms for weeks... I don't plan on being pregnant for "weeks" but I'm pretty sure I'm dilated pretty far-- I'm having them check Wed. at my appointment if I haven't gone before then. Having lots of crampiness this evening but then again, I've had that for days now. Also, I'm super worried that if I'm that far dilated that when I do hit active labor, I'm gonna have him before I can get my kids where they need to be, get my support team together, and get to the birth center.....

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One of my good friends walked around at 5cm for a couple of days. Her labor was fairly fast. Just make sure you've got everything packed up for you and the kids. And if you have to, you can always bring the kids...better than having a baby in the car!

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Do u think you will go into labor on your own? or any chance you will have to be induced ?
had a friend walk around 2 months 4cm , as they say it takes the longest to get to 4cm after that it goes fast

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You are starting to scare me. I have like less than 3 weeks and I'm already ready to give up. I am hoping that you'll go into labor soon and drugging will go fast and smoothly Smile

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with my 3rd Ds I walked around for several days at 6 cm......I did end up going in to be "induced" the day after my twins turned one. They wanted me to come in as soon as they realized I was at 6 and hadnt felt any contractions but I refused (didn;t want to miss out on my twins first bday)

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I keep thinking I'm dilated and I'm not... or wasnt at midnight... lol. I am right here with you!!! The crampiness and contractions suck. lol

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i agree with teh other posts. just have a bag of goodies for the kids and bring them with you to the birthing center. you can always have your support person for the kids just meet you there. better than cleaning up a mess in the car. YUCK!

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I went SO fast with zoey (6-10 in 30 mins.). I wasn't going to be checked until I went into labor b/c the first part of my labors were so slow but I think at this point, and the MWs agree, I'm having a VERY slow early labor b/c of the baby's position and I really need to be checked wed. so we can get a plan set in stone. one midwife lives 45 mins. away from the center, the other 15 mins. so i'll plan on calling the one that lives the closest. that is the good thing about the birth center-- the kids can be present. Smile and it's not the first time they've had a mom walking in the door about to have a baby. Smile
cirby, if i can help it, i do not want to be induced but if he isn't here in a week, i have to transfer care to an OB and i'm pretty sure they are going to press for me to be induced b/c that's just how the hospitals are around here. Beee

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Good luck and sending labor vibes to you.

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Good luck! I'm sending you serious labor vibes!

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If you are a 6 and contracting would you consider letting them break your water? I know it puts you 'on the clock' but if baby is in a good position and you are that far dilated anyways it might just help push things along so you don't have an accidental homebirth Smile
Hopefully you'll go on your own before Wednesday anyways!

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No worries Becca. If worse comes to worse, I'll sit out with the kids or get them to where they need to be and rush back. You are doing amazing! Keep your head up!

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Praying for you, Becca! :bigarmhug:

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I walked into my dr's office fully dilated w/o a clue i was... they broke my water and 30 mins later I had my dd.. so if your water breaks, you better get there... fast Blum 3