ZZZZZZ pumping...

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ZZZZZZ pumping...

Pumping makes me sleepy! Maybe it’s the white noise of the pump or something but I always end up drifting a little… well today I went in at 10 and opened my eyes at 10:40!!!!!!! Yikes! No one noticed… What’s even more surprising s that I didn’t drop the containers????????? Uhhhg…

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I'm pumping as I type this! Same here. I'm going to miss pumping once I stop because I'll miss my nap time. Hopefully though that is aways off.

Do you ever feel like your pump is talking to you? Once mine gets past the 2 minutes letdown reflux thing it is saying"let it go".

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This is too funny. I have napped and over filled the bottles and then spilled some so I don't do that anymore but I do nap when nursing.

My pump totally talks to me. It says many things depending on the time of day but I swear it says "USA" and "You're not a maid". It is the rhythm and my mood, I guess. I will keep listening and see if I hear anything else.

As a side note...the Dr. Brown's glass bottles do not break when dropped onto Travertine from waist-height. Good to know.