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So quiet but thought I would update and hope others might too...
Lurkers welcome. Smile

Ed is 7 and a half months now.
Around the 40th percentile at 17 lbs 11 oz.
He's on solids... Loves his food!!
2 bottles a day.
He is crawling... Very slowly and jerkily.. But getting better every day!
Today he suddenly pulled himself to the sitting position from lying down.
And from there he was trying to pull himself up to standing.. Hadn't mastered that yet... Although if lent against anything he can hold on and stand!!
He is a great night sleeper still and is so so happy!
Still waiting for the first teeth!!

We decided against doing the MRI scan as even if he did have sturge weber syndrome they can't do anything until he shows symptoms and I am not willing to stop him doing normal things just in case it brought on a fit or something.. As it is I don't believe he does have it. Thee has been no fitting.. He has no muscle weakness and he's ahead of most things so no learning difficulties.
He is amazing!!!!

How is everyone else?
What's been happening?

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He is so gorgeous Liz!! This site is so slow. I have pictures on facebook of Annabeth if anyone wants to be friends. I would love some advice about breastfeeding and solids as I have never been this far with no formula.

fb info: stephanie maples and I am in SC usa.

Annabeth is tiny at 13.4 pounds and 24.75 inches. How many times a day are you feeding solids Liz? I usually do once at supper but she will steal a bite of my food thru the day. She loves it but I am afraid to fill her with solids and not enough milk.

Anyway, thanks for sharing Ed, love him! Oh, and Annabeth is army crawling, waves and s iles for me,

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smiles that is!

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I will find you on Facebook.

Ed is on 8oz bottle of formula when he wakes.
Then he has cereal or porridge and half a slice if toast with cheese or marmite and then a yoghurt.
Sometimes he has beans on toast or sausage. He's not keen on eggs.
Lunch he has a meaty meal and some fruit.
Dinner he has another meal... Maybe pasta or a roast and a dessert. Then he has a 9 or 10oz bottle before bed.
He is constantly begging for snacks or something if what we are eating so we let him have it.
He's a total greedy guts!!
Overall he's on about 500ml of milk a day.
He eats cheese and yoghurt a so he gets what he needs.

Can't wait to see pictures of your annabeth!
She sounds adorable!!!

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I think I have messaged you... But it may be in your 'other' messages.
Does your maiden name begin with E?

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You found me, I accepted your friend request Smile