5 months old!

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5 months old!

Baby's name: Jay
Birthdate: 9-19/12
Weight currently: 11# 15oz birth 2#7oz
Length currently: 21.75 in birth 14 1/8 in
Eye color (has it changed since birth): blue, were black at birth
Clothing size: 0-3m
Where is baby sleeping: rock and play or swing!
How many naps does she/he have a day: 3-5
What new milestones (rolling over, holding head up) has baby accomplished? He has good head control!
Will you give your baby a pillow to sleep with? nope
Have you thought about when you will start solid foods? Going to revisit at 6 months

Jess is on the left and Jay to the right

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Yay! Happy Birthday!! :party: