Claire is 3 years old!!!

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Claire is 3 years old!!!

I can't believe my little 1 lb baby is 3! I am constantly amazed at how far she has come since her very premature beginning! She is a normal 3 yr old in every way. A little small, but she is starting to catch up!

Here are some pics so you can see how big she has gotten!

1 day old (1 lb 4 oz, 11 3/4 in)

1 year old ( 13 lbs 3 oz, 26 1/4 in)

2 years old (19 lbs 8 oz, 31 in)

3 years old (24.5 lbs, 35 1/4 in)

She is FINALLY on the charts for weight!!! Yahoo 3rd percentile and her pediatrician was so excited! She is 10th percentile for height Smile

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How exciting! My preemie is now 6 and starts full-day school on September 1st. Time goes way to fast.

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Happy belated Birthday Claire!
She is adorable! I love her curls! She has come so far!!

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Happy Birthday Claire!

Way to grow too! Glad to hear she's on the chart now...that's a great milestone to hit. She's really, truly a little miracle and just as pretty as ever! TFS Smile

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Aw, Erika! She is too cute!! She is an amazing little girl - can't believe she's 3!

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I just saw this.

How exciting!! What a miracle baby!

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Awww, I can't believe she is 3. Time goes way too fast.