Going to have to go back to the drs

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Going to have to go back to the drs

Well I was hoping she would go grow everything but it looks like she's walking with one of her feet turned somewhat in. It's her right side and I'm also worried about her speech. She really isn't saying very many words either. Anyone else have these problems?

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My youngest is 22 months and I would say (based on videos) she is where my oldest was at 12-14 months. She has recently started saying more sounds and I realized she has lots of words but they all sounded the same until she started saying the new sounds.

My older daughter was very verbal early. However, she had lots of friends who were barely coherent (to me as not their parent) but by age 3 they spoke fine.

I'm not worried about it but I am aware of the difference.

On a similar note, my oldest was riding a tricycle at this age but my youngest isn't and I would be surprised if she does this summer.

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All children are different. However, it never hurts to run things by the doctor to make sure. :bigarmhug: