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hello all

Hi I am not new to the website but to the preemie posting. My little one was "forced" into the world at 34.5 weeks on dec 29. It all started when I got the gender ultrasound. The tech wasn't able to get really good measurements of her head. She had me go to the special doctor later on. I went in for the special apt at about 24 weeks. He did a load of measurements and wanted me to come in because she was running a little small. They started doing NSTs twice a week after doing two ultrasounds from nov to early dec and she had barely grown. I worked Christmas weekend and went in for my follow up ultrasound on dec 28. He scanned her and said she had grown less than 1% in 2 weeks. He was inducing labor that day. He said she would do better outside the womb in the NICU. On Dec 29, my little Isabella was born 4lbs 4oz and 17.5inches long. She spent 30 days in the NICU, having her up and downs. The biggest problem was her breathing during feedings towards the end. She's doing much better. Last week at her check up she was up to 6lbs 12oz. I just have been getting into the routine of having a baby at the house. She's my first, so everything is new to me. Nice to meet you all.

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Welcome to the board! Sorry that your Little One came early but so excited she is doing well now.

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Welcome Smile I'm glad your LO is doing better. Although I found the experience overwhelming, certain parts were easier because she was my second.