Here we go again - number 3

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Here we go again - number 3

Well, after two preemies, we were brave enough to try again. My irritabe uterus has already started acting up. Started feeling tightening for the first time yesterday at 12 week 3 days. About 2-3 weeks earlier than last pregnancy, which started about 3-4 weeks earlier than my first pregnancy. They say it gets earlier with subsequent pregnancies, and that appears to be the case. I start on the 17-P injections at 16 weeks. I think they helped last time. No tocolytics this time though. I did terb and procardia long term in both my previous pregnancies, and all it did was make me feel like crap, make my heart race and my bp drop dangerously low. My fetal-maternal spec doesn't prescribe maintenance tocolytics anymore because they've never been proven truly effective and are more harmful to the mother. But we will start cervial length u/s at some point. I know bed rest will be inevitable, probably sooner than later. My job is much more demanding than with the last two, so that will be interesting. Not to mention having a 3 and a 5 year old at home. Just hoping to make it to 34 weeks again.

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I hope this little one will bake as long as possible. Good luck.

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Congratulations!!! Keep Baking Baby!!

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Good luck and hope the baby stays cooking