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Introducing Myself

Hi ladies! :wavehello:

My name is Jen, and I was just popping in to say hello! I have lurked on this board for quite some time, and am always in awe at the wealth of knowledge on this subject here! So I figured I would finally join in and say hello. Smile

My DS was born at 36 weeks (35w6d by my OB's office) after having been put on bed rest at 31 weeks for PTL. I know that's not a wildly preemie baby, but he still has the preemie label (I think my paperwork for BFing actually said "late preterm infant" or something). He was born via c/s due to "fetal distress" (no heart accels on the monitor) after I labored on my own for God knows how long. He was posterior, which meant back labor! My back killed me all day Saturday, but I had no idea what it was. :rolleyes: We were admitted Saturday night and had him Sunday morning. Here the little bugger had the cord around his neck several times!

Anyhow, DH and I are planning to TTC come this September. We're waiting until DS is 18 months so that I have the BEST possible chance for a VBAC! I figured I would join in now and learn as much as I could on everything for the next go around. Smile

Looking forward to getting to know you all! Smile

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Welcome! I am Bonita. I have 3 precious little girls (34w, 35w, 32w) ages 1,3 (almost 4) and 5.

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Hi Bonita! Your girls are too cute!

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Aww, thanks. I love your boys blue eyes.

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Hi, I'm Tracy....mommy to DS Tyler who was born at 28w,6d. My DD Lana was born in November at 36w,6d and we were SO excited to have a take-home baby.

I had an emergency c/s with Tyler and a fabulous VBAC experience with Lana. I wish you the best of luck getting the birth that you want the next time around!!

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Bonita - Thank you! Smile

Tracy - Nice to meet you! Your kids are so cute! I'm so glad to hear your second pregnancy went to (1 day shy!) of term! And you got your VBAC! I may be picking your brain on that when the time comes. Smile

I know a lot of ladies on here had very, very early preemies that stayed in the NICU for a while, and your strength amazes me! I was so very fortunate that DS was take-home (he was 6.8 lbs. - big for a month early!). A friend of mine had her baby 2 days before me (she was due 2 days AFTER me!) due to PROMM, and her little girl spent 2 weeks in the NICU. I couldn't imagine. You ladies are amazing! Smile

I'm super curious about learning how to prevent PTL and an early baby next time! I've done a bit of research on the 17P shots, but it seems to help women who've delivered before 31 weeks get to 35-36 weeks the second time around. Have you all found that fairly true? If that's the case, I won't bother with them, I don't think.

Anyhow, just a lot I'd like to learn to make sure the next one is term! Smile

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Hi! I'm Lynne, Mommy to Matthew born at 31w4d; just turned 4 and Madison born at 39w3d 6.5 months. I don't know if those 17p shots would be worth it for you since you were close to term when you delivered. It also depends on why you went into PTL as well. If I were to get pregnant again my MW would give me the shots again; even though I went 3 weeks after my last shot.

GL TTC and getting your VBAC. Both my deliveries were vaginal but they were quite different nonetheless.

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Hi Lynne! Cute siggy pic! Smile

Well, I'm not sure they know exactly WHY I had PTL with my son! I was rolling merrily along in my pregnancy when I suddenly couldn't get rid of BH's. My contractions were never EVER painful, just a lot of tightening. I mean, sometimes more than 1 every 10 minutes. So I was put on 6 mg of Terb and bed rest since my cervix (at 31 weeks) had thinned and become a fingertip dilated. But I stayed that way until 36 weeks (Terb never really did a WHOLE lot for the BH's, just made me feel crazy) and my cervix never changed until I was actually in labor (I think I was 3 cm when admitted and 5 by the time they made the decision to do a c-section a few hours later).

At my annual in December, my doctor thought that it was due to a first trimester bleed I had at 8 weeks. I had some spotting, which they could never find the reason for. Apparently if you have a first tri bleed you're some 30% more likely to end up with PTL problems or something? Anyhow, he seems to think that my bleed caused a placenta problem (not completely attached due to the blood clotting between it and my uterine wall), which snowballed into PTL. I had a clot on my cervix that was most likely the dried blood from the bleed, and they seem to think the added pressure as my son got bigger forced the clot against my cervix, therefore forcing it to thin. :shrug: I'm not sure, but I have my fingers all crossed that it was a fluke and how things attached and that my next pregnancy will be problem-free! But you never know. I want to keep ALL of my options open. But I'm not sure if the Terb and bed rest kept me pregnant until 36 weeks, or was it just how my body was? I guess you never know!

Okay, sorry, long-winded! But that is the heart of my story. I guess it will really just depend on my next pregnancy and how it is going before we decide on something, I guess? My doc didn't give me a whole lot of answers for when I get pregnant again, and of course, I want to prevent anything from happening again from the get-go, you know? I just don't know if there is anything I CAN do.

That's why I am here to learn! Smile

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Hi & Welcome!
There are several of us here that have had successful VBAC's the 2nd time around!
Good Luck!

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Hi Jen! My name is Leah and I have 17 month old twin boys who were born at 30w 3d due to advanced cervical effacement and preterm labor. I was on bedrest from 24 weeks on. I had what I lovingly term a "vag section", meaning baby a was born vaginally but then due to breech position and cord prolapse, my baby b was an emergency c section. I do plan on having another baby (hopefully just one!) later in life and will do everything I can to have a term baby and a vbac too!

Welcome Smile

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Hi! My name is Julie and I had my first son at 32 weeks after not being able to stop pre-term labor despite being in the hospital 5 days...he just wanted out! I did have some bleeding with him towards the end of my first trimester though, so that is interesting. I had a miscarriage for my second pregnancy, and so with my third pregnancy (my 2nd baby), my doctor monitored my hormone levels and I had to go on progesterone suppositories due to a big progesterone drop in my 7th week and continued those through the end of the 12th week I think. Then it was smooth sailing and I was put on the compounded 17p shots and made it to 35 weeks 5 days, which is a huge difference.
Not sure if that would benefit you since you made it to 36 weeks, but it might be worth talking to your doctor about it anyway, and also perhaps getting your progesterone and hcg checked in the first part of your next pregnancy like I did.

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Nice to 'meet' you all! Smile

Thanks so much for the welcome and stories/suggestions! There is SO much to think about with a subsequent pregnancy after PTL/early baby, isn't there? I guess I am just so adamant about making sure it doesn't happen again and making the correct choices on it all, as everyone here is as well.

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Hi.....I used to post on here every once in awhile however all 3 of my "preemies" are big kids now so I kind of stopped coming. When it comes to births there isnt alot i havent

My 1st 2 DS' (ID twins) were born at 31weeks. They were 4lbs and 4 lbs 5 oz. (who knows how big they would have been had I carried them another 2 months). At my 30 week appt my OB checked me and I was 4cm and 75% effaced and hadn't felt a thing. Had mag for 24 hours then was put on procardia and hospital bedrest. A week later I couldn't handle the meds anymore and they stopped them, when I was checked I was 6cm and 95% effaced still never felt anything. Baby A was born vaginally with one push Baby B was helped out (doc did a breech extraction) because he was high in my ribs.

Fast forward DS#3 made his appearance THE DAY AFTER the twins turned ONE. He was 9 days late and weighed 8 lbs 5 oz. I still felt no contractions and walked in to the hospital 7cm dialated.

DD was born at 36 weeks at 6 lbs 6 oz. I had a csection with her only because she was breech so no emergency about it.

DS#4 was born Nov 16th 07 by VBAC.......I was induced 13 days past my due date. After a 5hour labor I delivered my biggest baby who was 8 lbs 12 oz and had a 14.5 in head.......

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Welcome. Robby was a 34 weeker. With Liam I had a bleed at around 8 weeks. I passed a HUGE CLOT! They thought I was loosing him, but he was just happy and fine! He was SGA most of the preg. I was on bedrest at 20 weeks and PTL at 24, 28 and 32 weeks. Liam made it to 37 weeks 5 days. I had cervical funneling and shortening. I did the P17 shots with Liam. I didn't deliver a week after the last injection though, so not sure what they did, but they did do something.

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I am late getting here but wanted to say welcome :wavehello: