Introducing Myself and Question

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Introducing Myself and Question

Hi! I wanted to introduce myself.....I am Ashlee and I am a mommy to two baby girls, Presley and Kourtney, who were born at 25 weeks after going into preterm labor at 23 weeks 4 days. Right now they are 35 weeks and we hope to bring them home from the NICU in about a month. I have a question, did anyone do birth announcements or anything like that or did you wait til your baby (ies) were home before sending them out? I am torn because I have some really cute pictures and kind of feel like they are doing "ok" now and I feel safer doing it now....on the other hand should I wait until I can put like born on February 18, 2011....went home blah blah blah.....what do you ladies think?

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Congratulations on your girls - I love the names! My name is Tracy - mommy to Tyler, who was born at 28+6. I did not do a birth announcement but only bc I was so wrapped up in the NICU world that it never occurred to me! I know many preemie parents who did and they turned out really cute! I think it depends on how you want to do it - if the going home date is important to you, then wait. Although keep in mind that they may go home on different dates. I think if it were me, I'd go ahead and do them without that!

Good luck with your girls. It sounds like you've already been thru a long NICU journey but this board is a great resource if you have any questions or need support! I look forward to hearing more about them and getting to know you Smile

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Hi and welcome! Your girls are just precious and sound like they are real fighters!! You're doing a great job!!! My name is Jen and I'm pretty new to this board, as well! With my DS, I was put on bedrest for PTL at 31 weeks, and ended up delivering him via c/s at 36 weeks. I did birth announcements, but my DS was never in the NICU, so I don't have much experience with that. I agree with Tracy about going ahead and doing the birth announcement now! Although, I can totally seeing their take-home date being super special to you, and wanting to document that as well! I think you could totally swing doing two separate take-home dates on the announcement, too! I would probably do it that way, but I think it really depends on what YOU want!

Can't wait to hear when they come home!

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Hi Ashlee! I kept lurking on the June 2011 board to see how you and those beautiful girls were doing! I'm so glad to hear they are doing better now, and a month from going home! I know it's a long road though.
I don't know if I ever introduced myself on the multiples board or not, but I'm Leah and I'm mama to Isaac and Gabriel, 18 months now, but who were born at 30 weeks 3 days due to preterm labor. I was on bedrest from 24w6d on due to advanced cervical effacement.
Like Tracy, I also didn't do birth announcements just because I was so wrapped up in NICU stuff that it didn't even occur to me. If you have cute pics and want to do it now, that would be fine. Although I will say, my boys NICU discharge dates are special days for us. That said, most people don't really understand prematurity or the NICU, so perhaps it wouldn't even be pertinent to wait and include discharge days because people might not 'get it', kwim?

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Hi there! I recognize you and your story from the IVF board. With DS, I did announcements after he came home and listed both birthday , weight and homecoming date and homecoming weight. But he wasn't in as long as yours (~2 months) and like the others said, yours may have different homecoming dates. I think you can do it however you wanted. For me, I wanted a "healthy" picture without tubes and nasal cannula, etc.. so I waited but I think that is individual preference. I just didn't want people to get the announcement and think "Oh poor little baby" or feel sorry for us, KWIM?

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"HawkIgirl" wrote:

Hi there! For me, I wanted a "healthy" picture without tubes and nasal cannula, etc.. so I waited but I think that is individual preference. I just didn't want people to get the announcement and think "Oh poor little baby" or feel sorry for us, KWIM?

This is kinda how I felt too. We sent our birth announcements out after she came home & with pictures taken once she was out of the NICU.
Totally up to you though!

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We did 2 birth announcements. I sent 1 out right after he was born. I didnt want to wait because we didnt know when he was coming home and when we would be able to to pro pics for the birth announcements. DH didnt want to do it at first cause he didnt want to send out pics of DS with all the tubes and stuff all over him but thats the reality of what he looked like the first few weeks of his life. I sent out another set of announements with pro pics we had done after he came home.

You could do either one. If you have pics you would like to use now then you could send them out now or wait a month or so till they are ready to come home and send them out then with their homecoming date.

Congrats! So good to hear they are growing and thriving so well! BTW I love the name Presley! That is my DD's name!

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Welcome and Congratulations. I am Bonita. I have three preemie girls (34,35,32weeks). Having a baby in the NICU is a very trying and stressful time (and Caitlyn was only there 2 1/2 weeks!) I think if baby announcements are uplifting a chance to think about something fun, then I say go for it. Now that Caitlyn is bigger the preemie pictures are so precious to me.

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Hi, my name is Jenny. I have had two preemies (one at 30 weeks, the other at 30+4). I never did announcements because we were in a city two hours from home and I was so busy trying to care for the older kid(s) that I forgot all about them. I think you could do it either way. I think I ended up doing e-mail announcements when we came home with pictures and everything because I felt like everyone already knew that they were born and I just wanted to share some cute pictures and the fact that they were coming home. If you wanted to you could send out announcements now and then do a mass e-mail type one when you get to bring them home.

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Congratulations on your cute angles with equally gorgeous names.

Everything is really up to you. It's your decision when to do the announcement.
Anyways, I am a mom to Adrielle and everything went fine when I gave birth. We were both discharged after 3 days. I was busy doing all the taking care of the baby so my husband did the announcement for me. I felt happy seeing my friends in my hospital room. Its a great feeling seeing them so happy for me.

If they have to stay longer on the hospital, perhaps you can inform your relatives and friends so that they can render you some support- especially emotionally. You will know that they are there for you.


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My Ds was born at 31 weeks. I never did announcements with him and in hindsite I wish I would have (we did with my term daughter). But like the others I was so busy before and after he came home I never did.

But if I could do it over, I would have waited until he was discharged and done an announcement with a picture from when he was first born- with that birth info and a picture from when he went home with that weight and length too. Both dates and information are special to me, so I would want both on there. My only advice is do what you want on the announcement, not what you think othersd may want because at the end of the day very few people keep that stuff- but you'll hold onto it forever.

Congratulations on your girls! I'm so glad there is an end in sight to your long NICU stay! Smile

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"AlyssaEimers" wrote:

Now that Caitlyn is bigger the preemie pictures are so precious to me.

I agree and wish I had taken more. I say do whatever you feel most comfortable doing. People will see the sweet girls not all the tubes Smile Congratulations by the way Smile