My preemie is 6 yrs old!

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My preemie is 6 yrs old!

Not sure how it happened but my little preemie is now 6 and about to start first grade :eek:

I am Margaret, mom of Robbie who was born at 36w1d. At 24 weeks we discovered that I had pregnancy induced gallstones (which were huge) and Robbie's feet were at my gallbladder. Over the next 12 weeks I was in and out of the hospital needing pain control. I was generally on morphine which I hated but I was vomiting so much from the pain and my diabetes was not staying in control. My OB finally decided to induce me, after 73 hours of labour my munchkin was finally born. Robbie weighed 4lb 12oz and was 183/4". At 6, he is about 45lb and 45".

Just born

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How amazing! I love hearing about all these little preemies that have grown up so much and are doing so well! I hope he has fun in 1st grade!

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Have fun in 1st grade Robbie!!

My preemie starts pre-Kindergarten next week!!!

They grow WAY too fast!!

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Yay! My DD1 (34weeker) is in first grade too.