My preterm experiances

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My preterm experiances

With my 1st, my contractions started at 30 weeks. With bedrest and meds (Nephedapine... Tributaline shots when I needed them) I made it to 36 weeks. Then, sat and contracted for a couple more weeks. My doc ended up inducing me 10 days early because DS1 was growing so slowly. My doc waited till he measured 6lbs via ultrasound, and then scheduled my induction. He was exactly 6lbs at birth. The only trouble he had was latching to eat.

With my 2nd my contractions started at 28 weeks. I did bed rest as best I could with having a 2.5 year old to care for. I also did the meds. I went off the meds at 36 weeks, and that night my water broke. DS2 was 5lbs 8oz. Luckily he had already had the steroid shots earlier, and his lungs were fine.

With my 3rd my contractions started at 24 weeks. I was told just to take my meds when I couldnt get the contractions to stop with rest and water. Also, bedrest was not really that easy with a 3.5 year old, and a 1 year old. At 33 weeks my fetal fib. came back positive (with the other 2 it never did... even just before my water broke with DS2). I was sent for an ultrasound of my cervix, and to get the steroid shot started. They did find that my cervix had shortened a bit, but not a whole lot. I was sent home on strict bed rest, luckily my mom was home and could help me out. That afternoon I started having more and more contractions, and felt like I was leaking (ended up just being pee). When I got to the OB unit, the doc on call checked me and I was starting to dilate. So, they called an ambulance (ours is a smaller hospital, unable to handle babies before 35 or 36 weeks). When I got to the other hospital I was put on Mag. Solfate... HORRIBLE stuff. Their goal was to get me 3 extra days, so that they could get the 2nd steroid shot in, and 24 hrs for it to work. I laid there for 3 days, un able to get out of bed, feeling HORRIBLE. Then, I was finally taken off the meds, and eventually moved to another floor. The day we were supposed to go home (day 4 in the hospital) we toured the NICU, as a just in case. They also took us down for an ultrasound, where they found that DD's amnio was low, as well as a fracture in her leg. They kept us an extra day while they figured out what they were going to do. In the end they sent us home (after 5 days in the hospital) to see what happened. I had to see my doc. every other day for NST's. , and did ultrasounds. At 36 weeks and 5 days they induced me. DD was 5lbs 5oz. And, again, she did awesome. Though, did have a healed fracture in her leg, and clavical... both happened in utero. (I have OI type IV, and with a 50/50 chance of each baby having it, DD is the only one so far that does).

I am currently pregnant with my 4th. And, although part of me is afraid of having preterm issues, I am focusing on the 60% chance that I wont. This time I have more time between pregnancies (than I did between DS2 and DD), I started at the weight I was when I got pregnant with DS1. My hope is to stay more active this time around (though, that's proving difficult being so tired, nauseous, etc right now... oh, and now I am sick sick), and watching my weight gain. I also, am in a better place emotionally than what I was with DD (just before I found out I was pregnant my grandmother passed, and a good friend of mine and her 2 year old daughter were murdered). As well as other stress factors that arent an issue this time around Smile

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Thank you for coming and sharing your story! Good luck going full time this time.