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    Preemie's Name: twins Isaac Myron(2lb15oz at birth) and Gabriel Rollin(4lbs at birth)
    Due Date: 12/25/09
    Actual Birthday: 10/19/09
    Born At What Gestation: 30 weeks 3 days
    Reason For Premature Birth: was on bedrest for early effacement and cervical funneling, then went into preterm labor
    Medical Difficulties Preemie Indured: Isaac: CPAP for 6 days, jaundice (bili lights for 2 days), bloody stools around 4 weeks - HMF intolerance, Grade 1 brain bleed, A's & B's of course. Gabe: Had to be resuscitated at birth, CPAP for 6 days, chest retractions, LOTS of A's & B's, bad bladder infection, choked/sputtered alot with nipple feeds, took him a long time to figure out suck/swallow/breathe. Lots of IV antibiotics for both.
    Legnth Of Stay In NICU: Isaac 42 days (6 weeks), Gabe 61 days (Almost 9 weeks)
    How Are They Doing Now? Fantastic! Both have pretty bad reflux, but they are gaining weight wonderfully. Isaac has a bit of torticolis with his neck from being wedged in my cervix for weeks!
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    Preemie's Name: Deegan Christopher
    Due Date: May 10th, 2010
    Actual Birthday: April 7th, 2010
    Born At What Gestation: 35 weeks
    Reason For Premature Birth: pre term labor
    Medical Difficulties Preemie Indured: premature lungs, on oxygen for 8 days, IV's while on oxygen, antibiotics, sedation, umbilical line.
    Legnth Of Stay In NICU: 12 days
    How Are They Doing Now? Great! He gained 6oz in 2 days since leaving the NICU!
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    Michelle & Matt ~ 5/20/06
    M/C 6/8/09 ~ 9 weeks, 5 days

    Presley Tatum ~ 3/3/08 @ 38 weeks
    Deegan Christopher ~ 4/7/10 @ 35 weeks

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    Preemie's Name: Andrew Thomas
    Due Date: Mid Feb. 10
    Actual Birthday: 12/13/09
    Born At What Gestation: 31 weeks
    Reason For Premature Birth: Placental Abruption
    Medical Difficulties Preemie Indured: a few days of CPAP. O2 for 6 weeks. Numerous NEC scares that ended up being an allergy to a protein in my Breastmilk. He was also allergic to dairy and Soy. He also had a low HCT that took a while to come back up.
    Legnth Of Stay In NICU: 7 weeks exactly
    How Are They Doing Now? Great! He's 18 months of pure trouble! He is small on the charts, but you'd never guess it by looking at him. He has also over come his dairy and soy allergies. He was slightly delayed in some physical milestones but is doing well now.

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    Preemie's Name: Robert John (Robbie)
    Due Date: July 22nd
    Actual Birthday: June 26th
    Born At What Gestation: 36w1d
    Reason For Premature Birth: induced due to pregnancy induced gallstones
    Medical Difficulties Preemie Indured: jaundice
    Legnth Of Stay In NICU: 5 days, off all monitoring at 36 hrs
    How Are They Doing Now? starting grade 1, very healthy, rarely sick, still only 20% weight-wise but better then the 2% he was born at
    Margaret (44)
    Sean (38 )
    Robbie (8 )
    Bailey (April 2, 2011)

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    Preemie's Name:Sebastian
    Due Date:10-7-11
    Actual Birthday:8-27-11
    Born At What Gestation:34 weeks and 1 day
    Reason For Premature Birth: not sure, I hadn't any issues and then my water broke one Saturday
    Medical Difficulties Preemie Indured: some breathing issues, jaundice, and eating issues
    Legnth Of Stay In NICU: a little more then 3 weeks, Aug 27-Sept 18
    How Are They Doing Now?
    He's almost 10 pounds now and doing good.
    Nicky Married to Dan on 2/28/08
    Mom to Sebastian, my lil guy who came 6 weeks early 8/27/11
    Mom to Samuel. my extra lil guy who came close to 14 weeks early 8/1/12
    and always in my heart forever s 1/23/03 &7/23/03
    Letters to Sebastian
    Letters to Sam and also our NICU journey
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    Preemie's Name: Vanessa
    Due Date: Sept 18, 2011
    Actual Birthday: August 4, 2011
    Born At What Gestation: 33.5 weeks
    Reason For Premature Birth: no sign of anything wrong until my water broke at 33 weeks with no signs of labour. They kept me at the hospital until I went into labour (would have induced me at 34 weeks). After I delivered they said I had a placental abruption but aren't sure if that is what caused my water to break.
    Medical Difficulties Preemie Indured: CPAP 1 day, mild jaundice, feeding issues, irregular heartbeat that started the day before her discharge
    Legnth Of Stay In NICU: 23 days
    How Are They Doing Now? Great! Almost 12 pounds and BF. They did not identify any major developmental delays and her irregular heartbeat went away by 4 months.
    DD1 July 2008 (41w3d)
    November 2010 (13 weeks)
    DD2 August 2011 (33w5d)

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    Preemie's Name: Jessica
    Due Date: 12-5-11
    Actual Birthday: 10-24-11
    Born At What Gestation: 34
    Reason For Premature Birth: mommy was sick (pre-e)
    Medical Difficulties Preemie Indured: tube feeding, controlling temp
    Legnth Of Stay In NICU: 3 weeks
    How Are They Doing Now? great!!

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    Preemie's Name: Raegan Kayleigh and Raine Kyleigh
    Due Date: April 29, 2012
    Actual Birthday: March 14, 2012
    Born At What Gestation: 33weeks
    Reason For Premature Birth: Preclampsia and Pre-term labor
    Medical Difficulties Preemie Indured: Raine had difficulty breathing and was placed on a ventilater
    Legnth Of Stay In NICU: 30 Days
    How Are They Doing Now? They are eating and sleeping well as well as starting to make babies sounds.
    Ravyn: 9/26/01
    Randal: 5/15/05
    Rileigh: 2/03/10
    Reagan and Raine : 3/14/11

    Raine and Raegan 2

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    Preemie's Name: Xander
    Due Date: March 1st, 2009
    Actual Birthday: Feb. 2nd, 2009
    Born At What Gestation: 36weeks
    Reason For Premature Birth: Preterm contractions, water broke, failed car seat check so came home in car bed
    Medical Difficulties Preemie Indured: Low birth weight
    Legnth Of Stay In NICU: none
    How Are They Doing Now? Happy healthy 3 year old, does have a speech delay, but doesnt seem to be due to being preterm

    Preemie's Name: Serenity
    Due Date: August 18th, 2010
    Actual Birthday: July 26th, 2010
    Born At What Gestation: 36 weeks, 5 days
    Reason For Premature Birth: Preterm contractions, low amniotic fluids, fracture in utero
    Medical Difficulties Preemie Indured: low birth weight, some difficulty with body temp
    Legnth Of Stay In NICU: none
    How Are They Doing Now? Happy healthy 22 month old. Was on the later end for some growth motor development, but thinking that has more to do with her OI then being born preterm.
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